A Guide to Becoming Pro in Head Shaving!

Many notable surveys on head shaving have come up with astonishing findings. Some of them are – men with shaved heads look much more powerful, dominant, taller, tougher, and stronger. From the world’s most powerful leaders to top celebrities, you will find a long list of bald personalities whom people love and admire. And thus, having a sleek and shiny dome has become a recent trend, especially among men!

So, are you also thinking to shave your head completely bald? Reasons might be many – receding hairline, thinning hair, severe hair loss, etc. But ultimately taking up the step of shaving off your hair is a crucial decision. At this point, you may browse the web and come up with different procedures for men’s head shaving. But, how to make out which procedure is the best?

That’s exactly why we are here to help and guide you throughout the head-shaving process. Continue reading this blog and make a note of the important things that you should essentially consider while planning to shave your head.

Do you really need to shave your head?

It’s always better to re-think your decision on shaving your head than to regret it later on. And we hope you agree with us on this. Perhaps head shaving can make your bald patches disappear. But if you have some hair to restyle, do not rush the process. Try to consult with your hairstylist or a local barber and get honest opinions on how you would actually look with a bald head.

Approaching your hairstylist will help you know if the shape of your scalp is ideal for a shaved head look. However, if you have already lost more than half of your hair and have few hair strands left on your scalp, go for head shaving without a second thought. That’s because you already know how you will look with a blad head.

What is the step-by-step process of head shaving?

Once you finally decide to shave off your hair completely bald, you should look for the right steps to shave your head. When it comes to shaving your head for the first time, you will be overwhelmed with the plethora of shaving tool options available in the market. Just make sure to pick the best head shaver for men from a reputed brand. You may even opt for a razor but remember, a bald head shaver is easier and more convenient to use.

Now to begin with steps – first, trim your hair short, and then apply shaving cream, gel, or foam to soften your hair. Now, be gentle with your razor, put light strokes and glide towards the direction of hair growth. If you are using a head shaver, you don’t need to apply cream or gel; rather you can directly start shaving off your hair in the shower. Once you achieve a clean scalp with no hair on it, apply a hydrating moisturizer or aftershave lotion to keep up the shine.

Pro Tips

Now that you know the entire head-shaving process, it’s time to learn some of the top tips for achieving a smooth shave – just like a pro shaver!

  • Take enough time and keep patience while shaving your head.
  • Choose the best head shaver for men if you want to shave your head smoothly.
  • Once you complete shaving, wash your scalp thoroughly so that there’s no cream or gel left on it.
  • Next, wipe off the excess water from your scalp with a clean towel. However, do not rub the towel, use it gently.
  • End the process by applying a hydrating lotion or gel to your scalp.

Want to know how you can maintain your shaved head? Here are the essential steps.

While following the right steps is crucial for achieving a smooth head, maintaining your shaved head is even more important. That’s more because you can only flaunt your sleek, shiny, and smooth dome if you take proper care of it. Thus, here are the essential steps to maintain your shaved head:

  • Keep your scalp clean. Use shampoo and conditioner regularly.
  • Always hydrate your scalp with a lotion, oil, or gel as dryness can make your scalp look flaky.
  • Keep your scalp away from sunburns. Apply sunscreen and wear a hat or cap while spending hours in the sun.
  • Walk with your bald head confidently. Because it’s your self-confidence that can make you look dominant and attractive even if you have no hair on your head.

Become a Pro in Head Shaving!

Hope this blog helped you understand how the men’s head shaving process works. To sum it up, first, you need to decide whether you actually require a head shave, then follow the right head-shaving steps. And finally, you need to take proper care of your scalp to keep up its shine.

Now that you are aware of the entire process, pick up the best head shaver for men and start shaving off your hair like a pro!

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