A Complete Guide to Sell a House by Owner in Delaware

Selling your house by owner in Delaware? You can do it. You don’t have to stick with a traditional realtor and engage in endless house showings, deal with realtor signs, and cling to market standards to sell your home. Rather you can take control of the sale and also save commission money in the process.

To avoid the frustrations associated with the traditional home selling process, you can learn how to sell a house by owner in Delaware. Sell your house using flat fee MLS in Delaware. 

Using flat fee MLS in Delaware

With the advent of technology in real estate, selling a home by owner has become easier. Using a flat fee MLS in Delaware you can get your house listed on the MLS without the help of a full-service agent. Even the flat fee charged by Multiple Listing Service providers is minimal.

Even when you hire a full-service agent to do the selling, having the option to make the sale using a flat fee MLS pushes the agents to offer great service at competitive prices.

Advantages of selling a house by owner in Delaware

While selling your house with a traditional agent can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful, knowing how to sell a house by owner in Delaware has several advantages. 

Below are some of the advantages of selling a house by owner in Delaware:

  • You save money on agent commission

If you are a homeowner looking to sell your house, you would have thought of ways to save money on agent commission by choosing the best offers available. Who doesn’t like to put hard cash in their pockets? In fact, the primary reason you are selling a house by yourself in Delaware is to do away with paying the inflated real estate agent commission.

Agents charge around 5%-6% on an average in Delaware. So, if your home is sold for USD 300k, you’d have to pay agents USD 18k! Also, your agents would want you to take the first offer you get, even when it’s low. Alternatively, when you sell your house by yourself, you are free from any pressure from an agent that could compromise the home’s sales price.

  • You can put your network to use

When selling your house by yourself, using your local network to find referrals is a nice place to start. You can put your social media to use and reach thousands of people in a jiffy. While posting on Facebook and Instagram, don’t forget to include the photos of your home with an engaging caption. Word of mouth can also prove to be an effective strategy for you to gain referrals. You may come across a family member or a colleague who is looking for a new home or know someone who is looking.

  • You have full control over the sale process

When you know how to sell a house by owner in Delaware and choose that path, the reins of the process are completely in your hand. After all, what an agent would primarily do is list your house on MLS to find prospective buyers, host open houses, schedule home appraisals, and present house showings, all of which you can do yourself in the best possible way.

You also have full control over buyer negotiations. Doesn’t it seem odd to you to trust a stranger to negotiate your house sale for you? Selling a house by yourself gives you control not just over the purchase price of the home but also with contingencies like home inspection and repairs.

  • You can give the process the time and attention it needs

Don’t you think that your home sale deserves someone’s full attention so that it can be sold quickly and for a good value in the market? While some agents can provide the attention your house needs, great agents stay busy as they are working on multiple homes at once. Selling your home yourself lets you manage your property and put in as much attention and work it needs to get the best deal possible.

How to sell a house by owner in Delaware

  • Start with researching your local Delaware real estate market

The first and most essential step is to assess your neighborhood in Delaware. The best option is to go outside and meet real estate people and homeowners who have recently moved in and meet friends in your locality who know a thing or two about real estate. Look whether or not there are multiple houses for sale in your locality, what is their average listing price, how many foreclosures are there in your locality, etc.

You can also go to home marketing sites such as Eppraisal, Chase, Zillow, etc., or call a few real estate agents to know about your home’s worth. Remember that proper homework is done on the local market and home prices will not just help you price your house right but also give you the confidence to sell your home at a particular price.

  • Assess the condition of your house

If you want to sell your house for a good price, you must make sure that it is in top shape. You can locate certain unique characteristics of your home and find ways to present them well in your marketing photos. For example, a house with a special parking space can seem more attractive than one with garage parking.

Check if your house needs repairs or needs to be repainted. Check if the landscaping is fine, if the roof is leak-free if it has all the modern amenities, etc. Such different little things can make your house more or less attractive for the buyer. After assessing your house in detail, come up with a fair asking price for your Delaware home. Keep it alluring enough to attract multiple good buyers.

  • Make extensive use of photos and videos

Homebuyers in Delaware appreciate good media. Uploading things like walk-through videos of your house or maybe even drone videos on real estate websites and flat fee MLS of Delaware can help you reach a wider homebuyer base. In fact, using videos in home listings is considered better and more transparent than using photos. However, you must consider using the more affordable photo upload option.

Hire a professional photographer who has experience in real estate photography and can take pictures of the inside and outside of your house from the best angles to intrigue the buyers to see your property. 

  • Get your house listed on your local MLS in Delaware and start marketing it

Find a good flat fee MLS in Delaware like Houzeo and choose a package that has all the services you may need in the home selling process. Listing your house on Flat Fee MLS Delaware gives your house a full, quick exposure among real estate agents. You can pay buyer’s agents a commission of 2 to 3% to get their support in helping you sell your home.

You can also put yard signs, place ads in local newspapers, and hold an open house to market your home.

  • Negotiate the best deal possible for your home

Negotiations are not just deciding the final sale price but also to come to an agreement on closing costs, contract contingencies, timeline, etc. You can get creative and offer seller concessions to the buyer. They can cost you some at closing as you sweeten the deal for the homebuyer but could fetch you a higher sale price.

Bottom line

Learning how to sell a house by owner in Delaware and doing all the legwork in selling it by yourself can be challenging. However, if you are invested in selling your house at the best price while raking in the best profit by saving on agent commission, you can successfully follow a step-by-step procedure and sell your house by owner in Delaware.

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