A Brief Guide For International Students To Study in Canada

When we hear Canada, the first thing that comes to our mind is the quality education it provides. Because of its affordable fees, quality education and employment opportunities, Canada, the second-largest country in the world, has become a favorite destination for international students who want to study abroad.

As the number of Nepalese students studying in Canada is gradually increasing every passing year, thousands of more students have made a decision to pursue their studies in Canada and are curious to know steps to get admission to universities in Canada.

Worried? You don’t need to. Here we have brought a step-by-step guide for international students’ education in Canada.

A Brief Guide For International Students To Study in Canada

  1. Fulfill the Requirements

Not every Tom, Dick or Harry can apply for a Canadian study permit but one has to meet certain criteria and fulfill the requirements to study in Canada. It’s better you start planning for your study permit a year in advance. Below is the list of minimal requirements you need to fulfill to apply for a Canadian visa permit.

  •   Must have an academic percentage of 50% in intermediate level (+2).
  •   Must have graduated within the stipulated time and not have more than 10 backlogs.
  •   Must have a minimum score of 5.5 on the IELTS test.
  •   Must have a recent medical report that shows you are perfect to go abroad.
  •   Must have proofs that you have enough money to pay for your tuition fees and living expenses.
  •   Must have a GIC worth C$10,200 which you can get from a bank.
  •   Must have a police report that shows you do not have any criminal record.

Note: There are different requirements for different universities and courses.

  1. Choose a University and Course

If you are eligible and have fulfilled all the basic requirements to apply for a Canadian study permit, the next thing you need to do is choose a university. As foreign students can only study in a Designated Learning Institution, you have to make sure the university you choose is a DLI.

While choosing a university, We prefer that you have to finalize a specific major course. And don’t worry, although it is not preferable, you can switch courses later on as the Canadian academic setup is very flexible.

Once you have filled the form to be admitted to a university, all you need to do is wait until the university sends you an acceptance letter.

Note: You have dozens of universities to go with but when you choose a university and choose, make sure its application fee is between $100 to $250. Do not apply randomly.

  1. Apply for a Study Permit

Once you have your acceptance letter in your hand, you are ready to apply for the Canada Study Permit. You can apply for the permit online or can also apply through your local visa application center. You must include your acceptance letter, your passport and documentary proof of your adequate finances in your study permit application.

  1. Get Ready for Flight

Once you have applied for the student permit, the immigration officer will decide whether to accept your application or not. Some universities also take interviews. Once your Canada study permit is accepted, you are ready to go.

Note: There will be a start date mentioned in your permit. Before that date, you are not allowed to enter.

Scholarships for Nepalese Student in Canada

Although universities of Canada offer education with minimal fees, many Nepalese students can’t afford that also and want scholarships to pursue their studies in Canada.

Nepalese students will have so many opportunities to get a scholarship in Canada. For the deceiving students, universities, the government and some social service organizations, decide to give scholarships in Canada.

There are so many consultancies in Nepal for Canada that students often go crazy deciding with which consultancy they should go with. If you are one of them, then take a chill pill and come visit Goreto Educational Consultancy in Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

We have been giving counseling services for more than a decade. Over the past few years, we have guided hundreds of students and sent them safely to Canada for their further studies. We will guide you from choosing a university to the visa application. 

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