The generators are the must-have machine that uses to generate electricity for supplying emergency backup power to the desired appliance. It comes in different styles, sizes, and types and is the most usable machine all around the world.

The generator can visible everywhere, whether it’s the hospital, home, business, industry, shop, market, social place, educational institutes etc. It helps in fulfilling the need for a backup power solution.  

Define Biodiesel Fuel:

The term Biodiesel Fuel refers to obtaining fuel from vegetables, recycling grease, or animal fats. It’s a liquid and unblinded fuel that extracts during cold weather. In 1895, Dr Rudolf Diesel generated this kind of fuel, for the first time manufacturing using vegetable oil. The vegetable oil gets from agricultural crops. The agricultural crop was a great source of making biodiesel fuel.

The vegetable oil extracts from sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, and so on. This fuel brings into the process to reduce viscosity. In the end, vegetable oil starts to react with alcohol in the presence of a catalyst. Generator parts manufacturers in China build a specific generator for biodiesel fuel users.  

Brief History:

Biodiesel fuel introduced by an inverter of diesel engines, Dr Rudolf Diesel, in 1895. He first used a diesel engine with peanut oil at the exhibition named Paris World Exhibition. He boosted economic growth using this oil in remote areas. 

In 1990, he used vegetable oil with coal tar to increase its viability. 

Biodiesel Fuel for Diesel Generator:

When it comes to using biodiesel generators, releases carbon dioxide while burning. Biodiesel fuel is expensive and hard to find when compares to other regular generators. The process involves in making a biodiesel fuel is “Transesterification”. This applies to animal fat, vegetable oil, tallow, and sometimes cooking oil. Lt needs filtration before using. 

This kind of fuel is safe for the environment. It’s a carbon-neutral process. This process of neutralization happens when the carbon dioxide releases at the time of burning, and then it neutralizes by rapeseed, soybean oil, palm oil etc.

Biodiesel fuel pours into the diesel engine of the generator. It needs special conversion with diesel fuel because of its thickness and other textures.

Commercial Crops for creating this oil:

  • Soybean
  • Rape sees
  • Sunflower
  • Palm oil

What is the Advantage of using Biodiesel Fuel?

Here are the major advantages of using this kind of fuel:

  • This kind of fuel produces by using different types of oil from agricultural sources.
  • It’s a renewable fuel with infinite potential.
  • It creates less pollution compared to other fuels.
  • Emissions that exist in this fuel are greater for the environment.
  • It helps in reducing lubricity due to less wear and tear.
  • It contains biodegradable quality.
  • This fuel can use in many diesel generators.
  • It’s non-toxic than conventional generators.


  • It does not have a great shelf life and quick degradable.
  • This fuel is expensive and difficult to source due to poor infrastructure.


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