8 Home Improvement Tips to Instantly Spruce Your Home

8 Home Improvement Tips to Instantly Spruce Your Home

Thinking about home transformations can be fun, especially when we browse through home-decor websites and magazines. They indeed showcase striking home arrangements that we couldn’t wait to implement in our homes, but then comes the reality, and we are reminded of how far we are from those picturesque sights in terms of their price points!

If you are sailing in a similar scenario, know that home makeover is greatly about the inventive and innovative approach and much less about spending extravagantly! 

So in this blog, we present to you remarkable home trends that are both trendy and budget-friendly to give you the taste of luxury without burning a hole in your pocket.  

Begin With the Front Door

The front door largely influences the look and feel of your home. With the right materials, paints and proportions, it can exude a positive aura to light up your entire home. There are many options when you want to change your entry door. You can either go the traditional way with the Maharaja entry door crafted in teak wood, iron rods and glass or opt for contemporary designs in laminates and gold stripes. 

Dress Up the Walls

Most of us love to paint our walls white or beige since these colours make our home brighter and bigger. Another significant advantage of these light colours is their  excellent background for displays. Here is how you can dress up your lighter-toned walls-


If you visit the best furniture store in Melbourne, you can find a vast collection of clocks. You’ve to find that one piece that suits your home decor and can be the accent of the particular room. 


Mirrors can make your room look bigger and it’s because they reflect the light instead of absorbing it and trick you into believing that the room is spacious and bright. You can either use a large mirror from the nearest furniture store or work with a cluster designed in symmetry to transform the space instantly.

Add a Pop of Colour

Most home interiors revolve around a similar colour palette. So if there are white walls, you may see a mix of wood, beige or cream colours complementing the space. However, you can cut this flow by adding a bright piece of furniture and transforming the room in one move.

You can grab a sofa set with purple-coloured upholstery to cut this monotonous flow of a sober colour palette. If you are unwilling to change the furniture, you can update the upholstery with bright colours. The nearest furniture store in Melbourne shall happily do that so you can pep the room.

Remember Less is More

One of the basic rules of home transformation is to ‘clear the clutter.’ You can perk the room by eliminating all the unnecessary things. However, there is another way to clear the clutter, and that’s to invest in multipurpose furniture. These types of furniture take less space and provide space that lights up the room. 

If you want to pick multipurpose furniture for your home, many options are available. From coffee tables with storage and sofa beds that serve the purpose of sofa and bed to king-sized beds with racks underneath, you can choose multipurpose furniture that’s most suitable to the aesthetics of your home  and chuck out the weary furniture that does nothing but take up the space.

Amp the Storage

One very important yet the most neglected aspect of our home is storage. While buying furniture, we tend to forget that we will accumulate things and require more storage space with time. So, after a couple of years, most homes experience a space crunch. Now that you are contemplating home transformations, why not consider investing in storage spaces to keep your things away and enjoy a cleaner space safely. We have a few great options for you-

Kitchen Appliance Garage:

You don’t have to purchase a kitchen appliance garage specifically. The nearest furniture store in Melbourne will have a few options for a robust bookshelf that you can keep in the kitchen and store your appliances. This move shall clear the kitchen counter and make the space more elegant.

Chest of Drawers:

Another space that requires organization is the dining room, where your crockery constantly struggles for space. Investing in a chest of drawers to beautifully display your crockery can solve this problem and add elegance to the room. 

Shuffle the Furniture

There are no rules when considering home improvement. You can use your creativity to enhance the beauty of a space. So a bar stool can flaunt your vintage bedside lamps or be the safe space for your precious indoor plants. Such a shuffle can give your home an edgy look and instantly transform it.

Spruce the Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in the look and feel of your home. Rather than using the same lights for the entire room, you can experiment with different types. 

Pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling are great for your dining and kitchen as they provide adequate lighting and look elegant. Similarly, you can invest in table lamps to light up a particular area of your home.

Section the Rooms

If you have large rooms, you can section these into zones and create a distinct vibe for each area. When one area of your living room entertains guests, the other can be a bright space for some board games. Throw some funky cushions and create comfortable seating so everyone can sit together and enjoy a relaxing family time. This change shall make you fall in love with your home once again. 

You can use wooden room dividers from the nearest furniture store or curtains to create an apparent distinction in this space. Even if you have a small room, you can use floral curtains to create a separate zone and enjoy the space.

Wrapping Up

Bringing slight changes in your home decor can instantly perk your mood and make you happy, so why not invest in quality furniture to add elegance and functionality to your home. If you want to know more about how to transform your home by welcoming slight changes, visit us at “Furniture Castle.” We have a huge collection of furniture and homewares to suit your home interiors and bring in the much-needed breath of fresh air into the house.

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