8 Best Career Options After 12th Class

Students with a 12th have multiple options for their future jobs. However, most of them go the usual route and apply for engineering or medical courses. On the other hand, certain students strive to explore different courses based on their interests and capabilities. One thing that both groups of students have in common is their job prospects. Every student aspires to study something that will lead to a good lifestyle and a secure future. After 12th science, numerous high-paying courses are available that can help you pursue a promising career after 12th commerce, science and arts. Unfortunately, students fall prey to career advice from their friends, family and relatives, who may not have the right knowledge to guide students in choosing a career. Therefore students choose the wrong career path, which leads them to confusion and regret after a few years. To avoid that, it’s best to seek guidance from a career counselor, who assesses students’ interests, and learning capacity and suggests a list of career choices they can pursue.  

If you have completed your 12th and are looking for possible career choices, you are already one step closer to your dream career. To help you find your best suitable career, here are 8 best career options after the 12th class.  


The demand for Architecture courses after 12th grade is increasing. Architects are qualified professionals who design and plan attractive, functional, and safe structures. They can be involved in all stages of building development, from design to construction. To become a professional architect, the aspirant must complete a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree, which normally takes five years after graduating from high school. Those with a bachelor’s degree in another discipline, such as architectural history or construction management, can apply to a Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) programme. These advanced programmes are also open to applicants with professional B.Arch degrees who desire to specialise in historic preservation, design theory, solar design, or other architecture topics. 


After completing your 12th grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB), you can work in the healthcare profession. This field complements your academics and provides a viable job path beyond high school. You can study for medical entrance examinations to gain admission to a prestigious medical college and pursue your MBBS degree. Candidates can take multiple entrance tests for admission to MBBS/BDS programmes, such as NEET, and JIPMER, AIIMS, to gain admission to the college of their choice. After earning your MBBS, you can pursue an MD to specialise in your field of interest or practise medicine. 

Business Management 

You can pursue unique career opportunities if you complete your 12th in commerce. There are various business management and accounting courses that you can choose to pursue your career after 12th commerce. Traditionally, jobs in the commerce stream included Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Chartered Financial Analyst, Actuarial Science, Banking, and so on. Although these courses remain popular today, they are now joined by new wealthy professions. We’ve listed a handful of them below: 

  • Product administration 
  • Data and business analysis 
  • Marketing via the internet 
  • Management advising 
  • Management of advertising and sales 
  • Business administration 
  • Development of human resources 


Science students can pursue various occupations, including those in the humanities and arts. STEAM jobs are those that investigate such relations between the fields. Here are some examples of popular areas that come under humanities courses: 

  • Media/Journalism 
  • Graphic Designing 
  • Fashion Technology 
  • Photography  
  • Video Creation and Editing 
  • Sound Engineering 
  • Animation Filmmaking 
  • HR Training, School Teaching, etc. 
  • Product Designing 

Hotel Management 

With the consistent expansion in India’s tourism sector year after year, the hospitality sector is likewise expanding at a rapid pace. The three-year programme prepares students to assume managerial roles in hotels. This course covers topics such as Guest Service Management, Housekeeping Management, Kitchen Management, Communication Fundamentals, Hotel Engineering, and more. 

Fashion Design 

This four-year Bachelor of Design (B.Des) or Bachelor of Fashion Technology curriculum covers textile elements, pattern making, fashion studies, design management, fashion forecasting, and so on. Graduates can work as a fashion designer, interior designer, or in a fashion house after completing the degree. 

Bachelor of Science 

Science is one of India’s most preferred and popular fields of study. Many students pursue a profession in science because it is one of the most lucrative and well-paid options in India for Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, and Architects. BSc is a three-year undergraduate education that students can begin straight after high school with PCM or PCB topics.  

After completing their secondary education, BSc students in India have various professional opportunities. After earning their degree, students can work in a variety of sectors, including both science and non-science fields. For example, BSc graduates can work in the engineering, law, and management sectors. After high school, they can pursue careers in various educational institutes, research firms, hospitals, space research institutes, aquariums, the oil and chemical industries, and so on. Teachers, chemists, scientists, enumerators, lecturers, and research analysts are among the job profiles. 


Pursuing an engineering degree is relatively common in India. Whether purposefully or unwittingly, students choose engineering courses after the 12th grade. Yes, that is correct because some students are lured into engineering by their parents/society or friends. There are numerous sub-fields in the engineering course from which students might choose based on their preferences. Students can study engineering in sub-fields like IT, computer, chemical, petrochemical, electronics, electrical, civil, mechanical, instrumentation, etc.  

Engineers are always in high demand in India and other countries. Engineering offers a variety of job opportunities. They can find work in a variety of reputable businesses, including MNCs such as Persistent, Accenture, Cognizant, TCS, Infosys, TATA, Mahindra, and others. They also have a lot of opportunities at government organisations, including BHEL, SAIL, Hindustan Lever Ltd, DRDO, and Air India. They can also pursue advanced studies and prepare for the ESE or IAS examinations. Again, the basic line is that you should enrol in one of the best courses accessible after 12th grade. 

Choosing the right course for your career after 12th commerce, science and art can be the stepping stone for your entire life. This is the time to make a choice that will define the further course of your career and life. Therefore, students must avoid taking career advice from relatives or friends but seek guidance from career counsellors who can guide students in the right career direction.  

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