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8 Basic Electrical Safety Tips for your Home and Workplace

More than often electricity does seem like a necessary evil considering the comfort and the possibility of mis happenings that it brings into our lives. While rejecting it completely isn’t an option anymore, what you can do is use it while taking all the safety measures and keep all the risks at bay. To help you navigate through it, we have brought 8 basic electrical safety tips for your home and workplace that you can adopt into your life and ensure the safety of your space. 

While pugging several electrical appliances into a single outlet seems like a convenient option, it is in no way a safe option. The amount of energy an outlet could handle is limited and if you cross that bar and plug too many high-wattage appliances into a single outlet, you are basically inviting trouble into your home or workspace. 

Signs of an overloaded outlet

  • The outlet will be warm to the touch. 
  • Breaker tripping and power shutdown. 
  • Dimming lights. 
  • Buzzing outlets and sparking. 

If you encounter any of this, make sure to immediately unplug the appliances from that outlet. But if any of these problems persist, make sure to call an emergency electrician. 

  •  Unplug all appliances when not in use

Unplugging electrical appliances when not in use is like killing two birds with one stone. By doing so, firstly you would be saving yourself from the possibility of a fire hazard. Secondly, it will help reduce your energy consumption by preventing phantom drain. There are several appliances that use energy even when turned off and are therefore popularly known as phantom power appliances. 

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Electrical appliances that cause phantom drain

  • Microwave
  • Router
  • Coffee maker
  • Printer
  • Sound system
  • television

So, make sure you unplug them and all other electrical appliances when not in use to ensure the safety of your space.  

  •  Timely service all your electrical appliances

If you wish to prevent any electrical hazards caused by faulty appliances and at the same time extend the lifespan of your appliances, getting them serviced regularly is the easiest way. Sometimes, electrical appliances lead to short circuits and electrical fires simply because of neglect, so if you get them serviced timely, minor faults could be immediately identified and then repaired. So, if you are aiming at the efficiency and longevity of your electrical appliances while also keeping the risk of electrical hazards at bay, get all your appliances serviced on time. 

Did you know that with time dirt/dust gets accumulated in the filters of your AC and then compromises with the air quality of your home or workspace? So, get them serviced regularly to secure for your loved ones a healthy and safe living and working environment. 

  •  Place all your electrical outlets away from any water sources 

If we have to give you just one electrical safety tip for your home and workplace then that would be to never let your electrical appliances and outlets get in contact with water. Sometimes just a drop of water getting into your electrical outlets is enough to pave the way for an accident against which none of us could be secure. So, make sure that you keep all the water sources including aquariums, flower vases, water bottles at a safe distance from your electrical outlets. Also, it’s recommended to not have electrical outlets in close proximity to your windows as there are chances of rainwater seeping in and getting into your outlets. 

  •  Always use electrical appliances as per the user-manual 

There are two ways of using any electrical equipment: the right and the wrong way. If you choose the wrong way by chance, you are directly compromising the safety of the ones around you. So, to secure yourself against this what you need to simply do is go through the user manual when using an appliance for the first time. Every appliance, may it be electrical or otherwise comes with an electricity manual, so follow all the rules and say no to any electrical hazards rising out of their improper use. 

  • Always seek expert help for electrical installations

Always leave electrical work to the experts. While we all believe in DIY these days and are trying our hands at everything out there, electricity is something that shouldn’t be handled by inexperienced hands. Simply because the risk involved is just too much and just one mistake and you will risk the safety of your entire household or workspace. So, may it be installation repair or maintenance whatever your electricity-related needs might be, contact our electricians in Pakenham, avail of expert service and secure your home against any electrical faults and mishappenings.  

  •  Always place your appliances in spaces with proper air circulation

Like us humans, electrical appliances also don’t work well in tightly enclosed spaces. We feel claustrophobic and try to break out of the space whereas as appliances are unable to do so, they simply won’t function well, and in the worst-case scenario overheat and pave the way for electrical hazards. For instance, when a refrigerator doesn’t receive proper air circulation, it impacts its cooling ability and also consumes more energy than required. When continued for a long time, this can also lead to a short circuit. So, make sure you save all your electrical appliances stored in spaces with proper ventilation. Basically, give all your appliances the space to breathe. 

  •  Always have a fire extinguisher at hand. 

Prevention is definitely better than cure but for moments when you fail to prevent a mishap, make sure you have a cure at hand that could reduce the magnitude of the accident. When it comes to electrical fires, a fire extinguisher is the cure that we were talking about. While using water to deal with an electrical fire is like adding fuel to the fire, using a fire extinguisher could help tame the fire at the source itself. But remember, if the fire goes out of control, immediately vacate the place rather than trying to extinguish the fire. 

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So, these are the 8 basic electrical safety tips for your home and workplace. Following them would allow you to use your appliances efficiently and also ensure the safety of your space. In case you have any electricity-related queries or are in need of expert help, get in touch with us at Direct Point Electrical and our expert electricians would be there to guide you through.

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