7 Tips to improve your character design

Characters play a great role in making or breaking your character animation video. Having a clean and appealing video will not only help you in explaining your thoughts but also makes your visual more attractive.

Indeed, a lot of technical skills and consistency are required to draw memorable characters and add fun elements to the video. Just think about the most famous characters that you love to watch. I am sure that simplicity is one factor that is most common. Due to its importance, many brands join hands with the best character animation video company to get excellent results without breaking the banks.

As a marketer, you should go through every permutation so that you have a good number of hours to take a closer look at real-life and create characters that look both appealing and realistic. Are you looking for some simple and proven tips for animation? This blog is for you.

 7 Tips to design appealing character design


Let’s begin…

Always keep it simple and clean

Whenever you plan to create a character design, make sure you look for its simplicity. By making things look cleaner, you can easily grab the audience’s attention. Now, you might be pondering about how to make your design look simple and elegant.

Well! One of the best ways is to add as few lines as possible. By keeping the design, placement, and volume minimalistic, you can convey the right information to the audience without putting in much time and effort. Try to create a character design by using less than ten strokes.

Stick to original and human touch

We always say that a humanoid character owns that power to make your entire animation process a complete success. Adding a human touch to your design will add a new flavor to your animated video. It will make it easier for the audience to get connected with your video and learn the concept.

Many of the designers get confused while creating humanoid characters. Are you the one? Well! You just have to give a glance in the mirror and see how you actually express your emotions. It needs to be considered while creating an animated character, as it will help you in creating a design that looks much similar to actual human beings.

Get inspired from elsewhere

It’s always a good idea to get inspired by others and give a new look to the current design with your aspiring thoughts and ideas. This tip is highly effective when you don’t have any ideas while creating the characters for your animated video. By going through the highly effective video, you can always capture some ideas for your character and create an appealing posture.

Thus, getting inspired from others is not always a bad choice. You can actually create something more powerful than the current character design. Also, you will get a chance to know more about the organic texture, color palette.

Can always exaggerate

Exaggerating is another tip that will help you to show an appealing personality through your animated characters. Exaggerating is all about defining the features of character design so that it looks larger than actual. By sharing a larger image, people get more chances to identify the qualities of characters.

Say if your characters are strong, then it will help you to emphasize on specific traits, which will further grab the audience’s attention. Thus, if you want to push the emotional side of the audience, then you can always utilize the nice bonus, which is exaggerating, to show the personality of your characters.

Try to make a distinctive character

Another tip that will help you to create an overwhelming animated character design is by making it highly distinctive. There are two opinions that each character, whether it is a human being or an animal, everything can be created in a thousand different ways. From all the variations of characters, only some characters got highlighted, and those are the ones that are strong and interesting.

If you want to capture the leads through your character design, then you need to ensure that each character that you create includes bright and appropriate colors so that people remember your video through the characters.

Find the right posture

Are you looking forward to embarking on your character design? Then make sure the posture of your design is created with full attention. Indeed, finding the [posture for a specific character is not a cakewalk,m but if you do this task correctly, then you are one step closer to a successful video.

Capturing the character’s stance will make you more proud and helps you get towards the right path. If you are unsure about which posture is right for your character, then you can always take the help of designers or can follow some online tutorials. The tips and strategies will allow you to create a character design with the right posture.

Look for the line quality

Last but not least tip that will help you to create excellent animated characters is considering the line quality. Have you ever thought that line draws in the animated character can help you in making your animated character more approachable? Yes, it’s true.

If your character design has composed soft, thick, and clean lines and all the curved and straight lines have proper balance, it will become easy for you to maintain a rhythm to your design. So, make sure you maintain a proper balance between the compression and stretch for creating an effective character design.

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The Final Say

Characters are the foundation of your entire animated video. If your characters are designed in a professional and appealing manner, then you can easily catch the attention of the audience. Indeed, it’s not easy, but keeping the above tips in mind will help you to create highly-focused character designs that further convey the right message to the audience.

Integrating the bright moments and impressions is one of the best ways to pull the audience’s attention by understanding the emotional aspect of the design. Still, if you have any confusion or want to add something in the above list that you think will help the designers create characters, do share in the comments below.

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