7 shops to enjoy your coffee overlooking the Acropolis

In the heart of Athens you will find the best places for coffee overlooking the Acropolis . Most of them you will find on terraces with breathtaking views. We have the 7 best suggestions for you.


With the tasteful aesthetics and the vintage atmosphere that characterize it, it automatically transports to the picturesque neighborhood of Marais, in Paris. Puppet and tiny Lotte, on Tsami Karatasou very close to the Acropolis Museum, serves homemade pastries, savory tarts and some cold selections. Retro musical proposals blend harmoniously with the old backdrop of the favorite bistro.

Athenstyle Roof Top Bar

Between Psyrri and Monastiraki, between travelers and relaxed faces learning about Athens, the roof bar of the most hip Athenian hostel invites us to relax on its benches, relax with a coffee or a beer and gaze at the Parthenon.


And Acropolis, and Metropolis, and a charming neoclassical designed by the beloved architect of Athens who lent his name to the café. Three in one, on the top floor of the hotel on Mitropoleos Street, from where we enjoy a great view from early for coffee.

Thea Terrace Bar

A breath away from Syntagma, on the outskirts of Plaka, the café of Central Athens Hotel has one of the most bohemian rooftops for coffee. Wonderful view of the Acropolis that looks like you can touch it, super smoothies and milkshakes, while it also prepares beautiful crostini, club sandwiches and pizzas. It is open from 11 in the morning.

A For Athens

The stones have learned it και and the tourists of the city love it with passion, but it still has the best view to the Acropolis – the one that is combined with the haze on the porch of Monastiraki Square. The latter even reveals its true beauty from here, at the top of the hotel terrace, which operates all day as a café and cocktail bar.

Acropolis Museum Café

The space that is most directly connected to the Acropolis more than anyone else could not be missing from the list. The Acropolis Museum has a café on the ground floor, overlooking the excavations, but also the well-known and not exceptional second floor cafe-restaurant with the wonderful terrace-terrace that sees directly to the Holy Rock. Here we have a Greek breakfast, we enjoy coffee, but also delicious Greek recipes. The place is open from 8 in the morning and a zero ticket is required to enter the restaurant.

Local Color

You get lost in the room, you pass the second-hand shops of Normanou, you dive into a retro gallery and you find the elevator. This will lead you to a very modern and spring terrace, with comfortable tables and benches for large groups. Everyone, without exception, stares at the Parthenon, as the people of the shop fill them with cool frendo, homemade lemonades and juicy burgers if you feel like it.

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