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7 Reasons to Pursue a Cyber Security Degree in 2022

There are a million reasons why pursuing a degree in cybersecurity is a worthy investment. Statistics from the Economic Times estimated that the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs positions worldwide in 2021 was about 3.5million!

What was all that for? That was to show you the estimated demand for a cybersecurity professional, and you can be one.

Do you know cybersecurity professionals are well paid? A chief information security officer, CISO earns an average salary of $240000.

Why are there so many unfilled job positions in the cybersecurity space?

The answer is simple— the world is growing daily, technological advancements are on the rise too, and the world is becoming a digital space. Hence the need for Cybersecurity.

So, let’s dive into the primary purpose of this article. Reasons why you should pursue a cybersecurity degree in 2022

Guaranteed Job Security

In 2022, the (ISC)² reports that the unfilled cybersecurity job position is over a 1.8million. And the figures are expected to be higher by 2025, with  3.5million openings

There are thousands of companies in cyberspace. And there is an increasing number of cyberattacks.

The cyber threats and attacks make the demand for cybersecurity professionals increase beyond the available supply. And the meaning of this is that cyberspace needs as many hands on deck as possible. There’s always a space to fill up for every qualified cybersecurity specialist

Veronica Mollica at Indigo Partners said, “The cybersecurity job market is on fire. Our candidates face competing offers from multiple companies with salaries increasing over 30%…” 

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It’s safe to say companies are waiting for you to complete your degree so they can hire your professional service.

Ease of Learning

The internet is a blessing in this generation. There is a wide range of programs available; Full time, Part-time, physical and online.

Flexibility is one of the main concerns for a working adult. Working full-time while combining your studies has proven to be of help for most cybersecurity professionals.

Many universities offer online degree programs for disadvantaged students in other countries.

Students can save a lot of money because they don’t have to pay for accommodation or buy course materials. They can access their course materials and download needed materials available online.

So the choice is up to you. Pick the most convenient option, and you are on your way to being a cybersecurity professional.

Cybersecurity Professionals are Well-Paid

Why won’t we mention the pay rate? One of the main reasons behind our drive for anything as humans is the reward. And if there is any well-paid, rewarding job, we’ll put cybersecurity first on that list.

A cybersecurity degree can get you a well-paid job that can foot your bills and give you a chance to go for that fantasy summer holiday.

From the basic knowledge of economics, higher demand and low supply results in the higher price of products.  The available cybersecurity professionals are highly compensated because of the high demand.

As technology advances, hackers are also increasing. And they pose a threat to companies and end-users information safety. 

Companies are ready to pay professionals a high amount to secure this information.

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 An entry-level cybersecurity analyst is paid an average salary of $82000. A chief Information Security Officer (CISO) receives $380000 as a salary. The latter demands at least a master’s degree in the cybersecurity field.

It would be best if you got at least a degree that is a paper-proof of your competency to secure the best jobs in cybersecurity in the best companies. And as you can see above, the higher the degree, the higher the pay

Cybersecurity: A Fast-Growing Career Option

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Statistics report from the U.S Bureau of Labour states that the job market for information security analysts is growing at a rate 31% faster than the average for other lines of work.

There are different areas of specialization and career paths for cybersecurity professionals. Each level demands different levels of educational qualification. To mention a few, there are;

  • Security auditor
  • Cybersecurity architect
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Cybersecurity consultants
  • Network administrator
  • Cybercrime Investigator
  • Penetration tester
  • Cybersecurity Engineer, etc.

Lifetime Relevance

Cybersecurity is an internet business. And as long as the internet continues to exist, people will keep uploading information online. Cybersecurity professionals will always be needed for the protection of this vital information.

If you desire to study a degree that would be relevant for years to come, cybersecurity is one of your best bets. Instead, the demand for cybersecurity professionals will increase higher in the coming years.

Learning The Basics of Cybersecurity

One of the benefits of pursuing a degree in cybersecurity is that you get to learn the basics. And this gets equipped with the foundational knowledge of cyberspace as a whole.

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This knowledge will be tested as you advance in the field. You’ll also learn the qualities of cybersecurity professional. The qualities include a proper work ethic and keen business acumen. And this will help you secure a high-leadership position in this field.

Pursuing a cybersecurity degree will allow you to learn about theories in cyberspace. You will also learn how to turn these theories into practices.

Some programs give you real-world exposure while you are still learning. And this will make you vast and influential in the cybersecurity field.

Networking Opportunities

The best way to secure a high-paying job in the cybersecurity field is by Networking.

Pursuing a degree in cybersecurity exposes you to like-minded people with similar goals. 

You get opportunities to connect with alumni and professors in the field. They can further assist you in your progress and advancement in cybersecurity.

Bottom Line

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

The cybersecurity job market is in dire need of more professionals like you to fill up the void. There are different reasons to pursue a degree in cybersecurity. And you can be assured that pursuing a degree in cybersecurity is sure to be a worthy investment. 


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