7 Keys To Defensive Driving

Driving your used cars for sale in Pakistan is quite a challenge. Undoubtedly, driving your own vehicle brings you freedom of choice but at the same time, it is a dangerous activity. If one is not conscious while driving, it can prove lethal. So, the following are the keys to defensive driving to keep the drivers and passengers safe.  

Don’t drive after drinking 

Alcohol can mess with your nervous system causing various impairments. Even the slightest amount of alcohol reduces the response time. This causes incoordination and can lead to car accidents. If consumed in high amounts, your vision can be blurred and you can become unconscious. So, never make the foolish mistake to drive your used cars in Pakistan while drunk. 

Don’t Overspeed

We see many sign boards on the road stating “Speed Kills”. According to the research, the chances of an accident increase by 5 to 6 percent every mile per hour you drive. As the speed increases, the chances of accidents double. That is why we have sign boards on the roads stating average acceptable speeds that we should follow. 

Driving at fast speeds in small towns can be hazardous for the people in the surroundings as well as the driver and passengers. The fats speed would get you nowhere, it just increases the chances of accidents. So, if you want to reach somewhere earlier, just leave early instead of driving fast as it is the only foolproof solution.

Avoid Distractions

It is banned to use mobile phones while driving, even in Pakistan too. Although this activity seems harmless these distractions lead to deaths. We all feel at some point that talking on the phone hurts nobody, but your brain can not concentrate on two activities at the same time. The attention gets distributed. 

Anything that takes away your attention is considered a distraction. Eating, drinking, applying makeup, etc. can distract you while driving your used cars for sale in Pakistan. So, while driving just keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. 

Don’t drive while you’re sleepy 

Driving while being drowsy is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Our brain needs to be alert while operating a vehicle. If you are sleepy, your brain will not be able to give proper attention to any activity at hand, let alone driving. Even on a straight highway, a drowsy driver will drift off the road eventually and get into a crash. 

Accidents don’t only occur by crashing into another car. Other things on the road including the trees, curbs, poles, bridges, etc can also cause accidents if you crash in them. A sleepy drive has the capability to drift off and crash into these things. Seconds of zoning out can prove fatal for the drivers, passengers, and other people on the road. So, make sure you sleep before taking your car out. 

Make wearing a seatbelt a habit

A safety device installed in your vehicle is a seatbelt. Seatbelts help to save the driver and the passengers if they encounter an accident. They prevent you from being thrown around inside the crashing vehicle. The first thing is that you should drive carefully but still if your end up in an accident, the seatbelt can protect you from major injuries. 

Even if you experience a low-speed crash, an unbelted person can strike the dashboard or the side window. This causes severe head traumatic injuries and even broken bones. So, make it a habit to buckle up every time you sit in the vehicle to avoid any injuries.

Be careful in bad weather 

Have you ever driven on the motorway while it is raining heavily? On highways, the air pressure is more than in the cities. The vision becomes hazy and one can not properly see the road even a meter away. So, it is advised to be extra cautious while driving in bad weather conditions, including rain, snow, icy roads, fog, etc. 

If you really need to drive in such weather conditions, make sure that your speed is very slow. Try to drive below the speed limit. You should try to maintain extra space from the vehicle ahead of you. In bad weather, make sure that you are extra careful near the sharp edges and curves. Rain can cause the potholes in the road to fill with water. This reduces the road grip of the tyres which may lead to accidents.

Maintain safe distance 

Another key to defensive driving is to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you. To make a sudden turn or stop, the drivers need enough time to react.  If you do not have a distance from the next vehicle, there are high chances that you’ll crash into it when the other driver slows down or brakes. 

Now, what is the safe distance? To find this, follow the three-second rule. You should find a stationary object on the side of the road. Now count till three when the vehicle in front of you passes this object. After three seconds, you should drive behind it. Maintain this distance. At night, increase the distance as the vision reduces during the night time. 


Except for this, you should have your used cars for sale in Pakistan in proper condition. Make sure the brakes of the vehicle are working perfectly and the tyres are properly inflated. These are some of the keys that would help you to be safe on the road. 

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