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7 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 2022

Today fast load time and performance of the website is more important than before. Speed is directly dependent upon the traffic for the website. If a website loads slowly, users will most likely find another site rather than wait. Today most websites are built on WordPress and its speed optimization depends on the WordPress web hosting plan chosen by the website owner. This article is all about how to boost WordPress website speed.

1. Choosing an optimized  Hosting platform:

Right WordPress Web Hosting plan with the right web hosting company matters a lot because most web host companies will manage caching and server optimizations. Website owners must look for a reliable company with reliable hardware and hosting specifications to host their website. 

 2. Choose a Useful Caching Plugin

Using an effective cache plugin speeds up the load time for the website.  When a person visits a website and loads a page from the website, the server renders that particular web page of the website from them. After the page is portrayed the user’s browser begins to download the CSS, and scripts for the page. A caching plugin stores the final view of the website for future visitors. This means that WordPress doesn’t have to generate it for every subsequent traffic coming on the site. The website owner can also ask the hosting platform about preferring the caching plug-in

3. Optimize images to boost the website Speed

Websites are all interactive and interesting to make them appealing to visitors. To make the Website bright and engaging the owners to have to upload media that significantly slows down the site performance in terms of speed. Compressing Media files on the website reduces the website’s overall size and increases the speed of the WordPress website. There are options to optimize the speed by compressing the media files that are :

  • Compressing Media Plug-ins
  • Using graphic editing tools 

4. Using Content Delivery Network

Another effective way to boost the WordPress website speed is to use a content delivery network. A CDN is a network of servers that replicate and store website elements and files that includes CSS, Javascript, images, documents, videos, etc. These website’s static elements will be provided to website visitors from the closest server from their physical location. Moreover, by using CDN, the speed of the website will be optimized. There are multiple hosting services that include CDN in their hosting plans, other than that few more paid options are also available which  include features like:

  • Affordable
  • Global Reach
  • HTML support
  • Provides analytics of website traffic

5. WordPress Lightweight

Website owners must look for the WordPress updates and keep their WordPress updated all the time. There are many appealing and attractive themes in the WordPress themes list. However, these themes with a lot of dynamic elements that include, widgets, navigation bars, images, sliders, and menu bars can reduce the website performance. That is why it is always suggested to go for WordPress lightweight themes. using minimum styling elements and using what the website designs actually needs is the key to speeding up the load time of the WordPress website.

6. Minify JS script and HTML, and  CSS

Websites are made appealing and engaging using CSS and JavaScript which increases the size of the website files and reduces speed. Minifying is a great way of reducing these text files, as it was done by avoiding comments, extra spaces, and line breaks in the code. Minifying help in reducing code files in size and minimizes the amount of data that needs to be rendered on the browser ultimately, boosting the speed of the webpage. There is a wide range of Minifying plugins available for WordPress websites that automatically minify code.

7. Boosting WordPress Database

Optimizing the WordPress database plays an important role in optimizing the website’s speed. There are plenty of items in the database that are useless yet acquire space reducing the website’s performance. Therefore is it very essential to optimize the  WordPress database? Database optimization can be done manually and by using plug-ins.  

There are a lot more website optimization tricks to boost the speed than we’ve mentioned here. However, these are the coolest and easy solutions that anyone can implement and improve their WordPress website’s speed in no time. 

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