7 best ways to overcome alcohol addiction

7 best ways to overcome alcohol addiction

Drinking at parties, gatherings, etc., has become a socially accepted practice. But the issue arises when drinking is considered a panacea for managing stress and anxiety. You must realize that alcohol will numb your mind for a short time, but it is not a long-term and dependable solution to your life problems. There is a thin line between drinking for fun and alcohol addiction; you never know when you will cross that threshold. 

Alcohol addiction is a menace that impacts your mental and physical health and your loved ones and relations. There are countless cases where alcohol addiction has resulted in divorces, separations, child custody battles, violence, and other serious issues. Therefore, alcohol addiction must be dealt with at the earliest and with full conviction. 

Some ways you can deal with alcohol addiction are mentioned in the article below. Remember, it won’t be an easy journey; your steadfastness and focus on the end goal will take you through this patch in your life.

So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

Quitting alcohol and overcoming alcohol addiction is not easy. Therefore, you need constant motivation to get rid of this habit. Your motivation will come from examining the adverse effects of alcohol. 

Excessing alcohol consumption impacts your mental health; you lose control over your mind. Physically, it affects your digestive system, disrupts sleep, and causes memory issues. 

Socially, alcohol addiction breeds violence, your life decisions get blurred, and tension arises in family relationships. Revisiting these possible effects of alcohol addiction is enough for you to stay steadfast on your mission to quit alcohol.

  • Get professional help

Once you are resolute about your decision, you should approach professional help from rehabs such as Palm Beach Group, which has dedicated alcohol addiction plans. 

Addiction rehabs have teams of professionals, including counselors, therapists, doctors, etc., to make plans for regaining your mental and physical fitness. They educate their clients about living an alcohol-free life and its benefits. 

The benefit of getting professional help from repeatable rehabs is getting customized addiction rehab plans. The professionals understand each client’s unique needs and address them most effectively to speed up recovery. Apart from that, you don’t just get addiction recovery in rehab but also residential follow-up plans to manage and avoid relapse. 

  • Set a drinking limit

It is a fact that you cannot quit drinking overnight. Instead, reducing your alcohol intake gradually is more feasible. You can reduce the number of drinks by setting a drinking limit. For instance, you can decide only to drink three times a week if you are drinking 10 cups a week.

When setting your alcohol consumption limit, it is imperative to take recommendations from your doctor. Knowing the hazardous effects of alcohol addiction can also help you to set a limit for yourself.

  • Explore your relationship with alcohol

To remove alcohol from your life, you have to first figure out your association with alcohol. Identify why you drink and the triggers present in your environment. 

Sometimes your drinking problem does not focus on how much you drink but on why. Some people drink to lighten their emotional pain, financial troubles, and relationship snags. For others, it is a leisure activity. 

When you find the triggers, you can work on your life problems side by side so that there are fewer triggers fueling your alcohol addiction. 

  • Discuss your issues with your loved ones

When faced with a problem, our foremost approach is to prevent our family from knowing about it. It can be to save our family members the trouble and stress of knowing about issues in our life. 

But keeping secrets from friends and family is not always a good approach, especially when your problem is as mammoth as alcohol addiction. Besides, there is no way you can deal with this on your own. 

So talk to your loved ones about problems you are facing in your life and your alcohol problem. By discussing your alcohol delinquency with your family members, you can team up with them in your efforts to get rid of alcohol addiction. They might work with you to reduce triggers in your environment and help solve your problems. 

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people

When faced with a problem, it is natural to think you are the only one stuck in this rut. But that’s never the case. If you make an effort, you will find countless others with similar or more severe issues. So, it is not strange that you will find innumerable others with alcohol addiction. 

Find like-minded people fighting alcohol addiction: the bigger your support network, the better. You can encourage and prevent each other from falling short of your targets. When you meet, discuss each other’s addiction prevention strategies, issues you are facing, and possible solutions. You can also register on apps like meet-ups and meet people engaged in alcohol-free activities. 

  • Remove alcohol from your surroundings

This will come as a matter of common sense. But we still need to reiterate it. Staying around with people who drink or encourage you to drink is the biggest hurdle you must overcome on your way to curb your alcohol addiction for good. The presence of alcohol around you will dampen your resolve and encourage drinking beyond your safe limit. 

In addition, the chances of drinking again are more concrete when you experience withdrawal symptoms such as headache, fatigue, mood swings, sweating, anxiety, etc. It is when your mind fights back against your efforts to curb your alcohol addiction. 

However, don’t get intimidated by your withdrawal symptoms. When these issues become unbearable, talk to your healthcare provider. Mutually, you can devise a plan to limit or cure your withdrawal symptoms.


Overcoming alcohol addiction is not child’s play. You will deal with withdrawal symptoms, headaches, and so on. Working with rehab professionals and surrounding yourself with positive people can really help. Other ways to fight your alcohol addiction are mentioned above.

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