6 Ways to Heal Employees From Cigarette Smoking

Office environments are stressful, and people usually start smoking during their office timing. There are lots of focus they want to complete their daily tasks and present to their bosses, etc.

However, with the study of years in the Public Health England, it is obvious that smoking cigarettes are extremely bad for people. Therefore, avoiding smoking in offices is the smartest thing to do before it’s too late.

Therefore, I will mention some possibilities that will help offices to help their employees not to start smoking in the first place. This was the first scenario so far. The second one is how to stop smokers from quitting smoking in office timing and staying focused at the same time.

However, every office should establish some ground rules. Therefore, read the written rules; if you can apply them, it would be the best thing you can possibly do for your employees.

  • Establish a tobacco-free policy at the workplace
  • Make your property smoke free
  • Get your employees to take Health Risk Gauging
  • Educate employees
  • Convert them towards vaping
  • Participate in public health observances

Establish a Tobacco-Free Policy at the Workplace:

It should be the first thing to tell your new employee before hiring him or her for a job. Telling these rules will help your employee to maintain his/her metabolism from the first day, which will essentially help him/her to maintain the flow.

The policy should include a ban on every tobacco form like chewing tobacco, cigars, pipes, pots. Consider including vaping in your prohibition list. Make sure the company should communicate the message to all employees and could make a contract to sign the papers for violation, and if someone does the violations, there could be consequences.

Make your property smoke free:

If you have already told your employees about your policy, it’s time to expand this plan into your workplace. I know you did already but consider the near door smoking, near window smoking, ban smoking in the bathrooms and even in the parking lots.

It can sound like an insane policy but trust me, it’s worth it, and people who are following this policy are 9 hours free from smoking which is blissful for their health.

Get your employees to take Health Risk Gauging:

Study shows that smokers who are in the long run of smoking actually know how bad is it for their health; as a result, they are moving away from the risk of getting hospitalised too soon.

Educate Employees:

Not many companies can do that because their board of directors are or were smokers at some point which is why they don’t take this responsibility to convince their employees. But if you educate the employee, it’s the best thing.

Just tell them how bad this is and repeat after repeat after repeat, and at some point, they will start believing it, and that will be your success. As Adolf Hilter said, “If you repeat something, eventually people start believing it.”

Convert them Towards Vaping:

If there is a situation where you know your employees are smoking in the building often and the rules are getting violated every single day, then that is a serious problem. Because the majority is authority rule may apply in this case.

But if you can convert your employees towards vaping, there can be possibilities to stop cigarettes in the workplace. For instance, you can tell them to use vape kits besides cigarettes and can present some online vape Shop or devices like geek bar vape, elf bar vape, etc., the choice is yours.

Participate in Public Health Observances:

You can generate an email to your employees for various non-smoking events in the UK like Stoptober: The 28-day Stop Smoking Challenge in the UK. These events will motivate the employees from smoking for a month which eventually could be the key get free from smoking for the rest of their lives.

At the End:

Smoking is dangerous from your health benefits. Because you can get cancer, lung problems, and various diseases which are bad for you and also very painful for your family too because there is no one in the world who loves you more than your family. So, stop it and live your life for your loved ones. Have mercy on yourself because that’s Karma.

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