6 Things To Remember When Renting a Car During a Vacation

Renting a car during your vacation can help you save money and experience more comfort and convenience. Whether you’re traveling with small children or a large family, there are various ways to make renting a car during your vacation a great experience. Here are six things to remember when renting a car during a vacation.

1.Getting The Best Deal

Booking your rental car ahead of time will save you money. The amount you save will depend on the rental company, but most will offer some discount for booking early. You will have the chance to compare prices and choose a specific model. You will also be able to ensure you get the best deal possible.

The best deal when renting a car during a vacation is to book well in advance. Getting a car one to two weeks ahead of time will save you more money than last-minute bookings. Make sure the rental company allows you to cancel the booking without penalty.

2.Prepaying For A Full Tank Of Gas

For two reasons, preparing for a full gasoline tank when renting a car during your vacation is a bright idea. Preparing gas bills at the rental agency will save you money and provide peace of mind. While prepaying for gas at the rental car counter is convenient, it can also be a costly mistake. You may be tempted to do it because the car rental company advertises a lower price than the one at the pump, but the cost of prepaying gas is not always disclosed.

Before renting a car, read the rental contract to understand all the terms and conditions. Many rental car companies require that you return the vehicle with a full gas tank, which will cost more than filling it up at the local station. However, some rental companies have prepaid gas policies that will allow you to avoid these charges.

3.Car Inspections

A significant pain point for many car renters is being charged falsely for damages they did not cause. You can opt for rental agencies that offer digital vehicle inspections before and after the rental period to avoid such issues. Companies like Inspektlabs are collaborating with rental agencies to leverage AI and instill transparency and reliability in the car rental framework.

4.Adding Additional Drivers

Adding additional drivers to a car rental contract is simple, but you should understand the rules to avoid any issues. You’ll have to pay an additional fee for each driver, and they should have their own driver’s license and meet specific age requirements. If you’re unsure about these requirements, you should ask your rental agent for details.

The fee for adding additional drivers to a car rental can vary in each state. Some car rental companies may charge as much as $10 per day for an extra driver. Please ensure the additional driver has a valid driver’s license and is at least 25 years old. Be aware that if the other driver is under 25, they will not be covered under the rental agreement or insurance.

5.Finding A Safe Place To Park

Finding a safe place to park a car can be challenging when on vacation. While parking on public streets can be convenient, there’s also a risk of your vehicle being damaged due to the weather or other drivers. Luckily, there are safe parking programs that can help. Some even provide portable restrooms, bottled water, overnight security, and meals. Many people will be happy to let you park in their driveway if you ask them.

Another option is to park in the lot of a mall or grocery store. Those are safe places to leave your car, but they may mandate you to pay a parking fee. Check the neighborhood’s security statistics and ensure you can park there without worry. Check whether the security is patrolling the parking lot, and ensure it is well-lit and clean. Truck stops are also great if you need to leave your car overnight. Almost all truck stops are open 24 hours, and you may even find a place to eat or shower. Some truck stops also have free Wi-Fi.

6.Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for a rental car during your trip is crucial. Ensure your insurance policy meets the minimum requirements for your destination country and provides adequate liability coverage. Be sure to ask about this coverage before you travel and obtain proof of it in writing. Rental reimbursement coverage pays for the rental car’s costs if you need to replace it after a wreck or accident. Contact the insurance company’s customer service line to obtain a customized quote.


Before renting a car, learn how to get the best deal, prepay for a full gas tank, and add additional drivers to your rental agreement. Plus, learn how to find a safe parking spot for your car while on vacation.

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