Motorcycle collisions are terrible, and the injuries that come from them may need a complete lifestyle change. You might wonder what legal alternatives are available to you if you are a victim of a motorcycle wreck. When this happens, you might want to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer, but you might not know what qualities to check in a competent motorcycle accident lawyer. 

You should start by looking for a lawyer familiar with Michigan’s statute of limitations and no-fault insurance limits. You can’t, however, end there. The following are some other criteria you can use to determine if you have the best motorcycle accident, lawyer.


Experience is essential when choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer. You require someone with expertise in managing complicated situations and interacting with various medical specialists. Being used as a test case is the last thing you need when the outcome of your case could determine your entire financial destiny.

They should also be results oriented. You want a lawyer focused on getting the best possible outcome for their clients. Although a lawyer’s past performance is not always a reliable indicator of future success, it is a good indicator of the lengths to which they might go to protect their clients.


Being another case is the last thing you want. While having expertise is essential, you do not want to pick a lawyer with so many cases that yours gets lost in the shuffle. That can lengthen the period before you receive compensation for your injuries and reduce the number of damages you receive. 

Inquire about the workload at the company you are thinking about hiring. Make sure you have competent legal representation which puts your case first.


The location of your lawyer will be crucial for you and the outcome of your case. You might not be able to meet with a sizeable out-of-state company face to face if you work with them. A local lawyer is more likely to be familiar with the laws relevant to your case.

Open communication

Open communication is essential because the last thing you want is for the legal team you have hired to negotiate a settlement on your behalf to be unable to provide you with information about your case. You must know the progress of your case, and you shouldn’t ever have to hound your lawyer for information. You require a lawyer who is dedicated to candid dialogue with clients.

Willingness to litigate 

Although most personal injury cases are resolved out of court, make sure the lawyer you choose will take your case to trial if they cannot negotiate a fair settlement with an insurance company. Without litigation, serious injury victims might not be able to receive a settlement offer that even comes close to alleviating their potential financial problems.

Open disclosure of costs 

Find a legal representative who will take your case on a contingency basis. Obtain a written contract with your Michigan motorcycle accident attorney that outlines your legal rights and obligations.

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