6 Best Books and Websites for GMAT Preparation

For most people, a typical MBA journey begins with getting a perfect score on the GMAT. But what if I tell you there’s one step before getting a perfect score? Which could change your career trajectory for years to come. That step is choosing the right GMAT preparation resource. These resources could be GMAT books or online courses. In this article, we have provided information on the best GMAT books and online resources available in 2022. The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is to opt for the Official Guide for the GMAT exam.

Most prospective MBA students are required to take the GMAT to enroll in their chosen course of study. The GMAT consists of four sections of intense numeracy and literacy questions which require plenty of in-depth study to get a high mark. The internet is awash with GMAT help sites, which can be confusing for first-time applicants, so we have devised a concise list of some of the best GMAT prep websites and GMAT prep courses out there.

But is this resource good enough to achieve your target score? Let’s find out in this article. Before moving forward, why don’t you try out our free trial to get access to quality online content and GMAT prep resources? We are the most reviewed online GMAT prep company with 2,100+ reviews on GMATClub.

Best GMAT prep books 2021

Here are the six best GMAT books for 2021:

  • GMAT Official Guide 2021
  • Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guide Set
  • Kaplan GMAT Complete 2021
  • PowerScore verbal trilogy Bible
  • Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course
  • GMAT for dummies 2021

The best GMAT prep book is the GMAC Official Guide. It’s a comprehensive GMAT guide that will help you ace the GMAT. But you must develop a proper GMAT study plan before going with any prep book.

GMAT Official Guide 2022

This is the official GMAT guide by the graduate management admissions council (GMAC) and consists of easy, medium, and hard questions.  and it has 47 more questions than the OG 2022. It also offers 84 extra questions as a part of its online diagnostic evaluation. The GMAT Official guide 2022 has introduced four new additions:

  • Two new review chapters, one each in Quant and Verbal
  • Exclusive access to Online diagnostic evaluation
  • Assigned difficulty level for every question
  • Enhanced solutions for Official questions

Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guide Set

You’ve found the right book! This is the best place to start if you want to work on the topics of the GMAT Test Syllabus. The books are specifically designed to cover each section of the GMAT syllabus. They provide in-depth analysis, and they provide a wealth of resources and practice questions. The Verbal and Quant practice tests will give you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

Kaplan GMAT Prep Book

This is an extremely well-researched guide, and Kaplan GMAT instructors use it extensively. The book features authentic practice tests with extensive answer explanations and one-on-one support. Although it lacks recent updates, it does feature the most current test questions.

PowerScore verbal trilogy Bible

This pack consists of three GMAT Verbal books – Critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction. This pack includes concept files and explanations with detailed methodology. One of the most significant disadvantages is that it does not consist of practice questions. Thus, if you want to learn the solid concepts of the verbal section, then this is the book for you. You can also get these books individually. On Amazon, this book has 4.8/5 stars.

Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course

This book contains a set of 12 dedicated GMAT preparation guides and a detailed and comprehensive GMAT subject review. This book also contains more practice questions than Manhattan, and these practice questions are quite challenging and unlike Manhattan, the answer key is provided, thus allowing you to work out the problem.

GMAT for dummies 2021

This is the best book for the SAT prep course. It focuses heavily on test-taking strategies including methods to help you work on your timing, the process of elimination, and guessing, and provides ways to tackle each question type. There’s a practice test at the end of the book and a helpful quiz. It’s available on Kindle and is a useful resource if you’re just starting your prep.

Helpful GMAT Prep Websites


QS LEAP is an adaptive social learning test prep platform that helps prepare students for their standardized tests by providing them with personalized study plans that integrate content from the textbooks with interactive practice exercises, automated scoring, and a social learning environment that allows learners to interact with peers and experts. It’s totally free!

Veritas Prep:

Veritas Prep is an online community where you can share your tips, tricks, and resources with other members, and read about what they have learned. This blog is updated weekly with useful tips and insightful analyses of each section of the test. You’ll find it very helpful if you’re studying for the GMAT.

GMAT Tutor Blog:

The GMAT blog run by The Economist is a great resource for students preparing for the GMAT. It features GMAT-related news, tips, videos, and resources from top GMAT bloggers, as well as self-help articles for students who find themselves struggling with their study habits.

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