5 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationships Exciting

Long-distance relationships require a level of work from both parties if you want to keep the spark alive. Just because you aren’t physically together 24/7, it doesn’t have to mean your physical connection has to suffer. As they say, distance only makes the heart grow fonder, so put in that little bit of effort to keep your relationship thriving and really build up the excitement for when you are able to see each other next read more

Here are five tips you can try out in order to spice up your long distance relationship:

1. Capture the sexual tension

Without being able to maintain physical touch, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t still turn each other on. Whether you enjoy some saucy sexting, flirty phone sex, or an intimate video call, having the power to control your partners desires from afar can be a real turn on. To take things up a notch, introduce toys such as dildos, vibrators, or fleshlights UK into the mix.

2. Make the time

Just because you can’t physically see each other, there is no excuse for not spending time with each other. Although it can be easy to get wrapped up in your busy lifestyle, especially where time zones and work schedules are involved, allocate some time each week to spend chatting with your partner. When you know when you can have a catch up and count down to hearing their voice, a lot of the pressures can be instantly relieved.

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3. Surprise date nights

Keep the date nights going from afar by planning out virtual evenings together. A great idea is to each order each other a takeaway to their home so you can try out new foods and discuss the meal as you eat together. The organiser can also pick a film which you can both watch together while on a call, discussing the movie once it is over.

4. Create a playlist

Music is a great way to connect with someone as you share your favourite songs and find some new favourite artists who you can enjoy together. Set up a joint playlist which you can both add songs to and enjoy throughout your day as you drive to work, relax in the evening, or head to the gym for a workout. When you both listen to the playlist, it is a great way to feel connected without even having to talk, bringing back joint memories of songs you’ve listened to together in the past.

5. Send care packages

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a parcel in the post so send little surprises to make your partner’s day. Gifts don’t always have to be for special occasions, nor do they have to be pricey, so put some thought into small gestures that show how much you care. Some great things to include are your favourite photos, a handwritten letter, one of your t shirts sprayed with your favourite perfume, their favourite snacks, or a good book that you’ve read recently.

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