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5 ways career counselling can help your child

Adapting to change can be somewhat tricky. Some people take a leap of faith and just hope things will go their way; however, others don’t get to have such sheer dumb luck. For example, resulting in a mid-life crisis when they’re stuck at a job in their mid-30s and absolutely loathing it. Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction, and if you’re guided from an early age, you might have a better chance of applying for a job that you might actually excel at rather than switching jobs far too late.

In 2014, a study showed that only 52.3% people in America are satisfied with their jobs. But, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of them. One of the few reasons why they might not be satisfied could be because it was not their chosen line of work or that they were not able to figure out what they were good at, so now they’re just making do with what they have. 

Putting up with something you don’t want in life can be stressful, leading to health problems like heart diseases, asthma, and high blood pressure.

So, how’s career counselling a solution to all this?

5 ways career counselling can help your child

Picking the right major

The transition from school to college can be something of a difficult pill to swallow, especially if your child is an introvert and shy. They’ll find it hard to find their place among all the new kids. Peer pressure will also be at its peak. 

The fact that they also have to make a huge decision like picking their major based on the career path they want to follow can be really confusing, and just to get over with it, they might pick something they have no interest in and later on regret the choice altogether. 

This is why every student should talk to a career counsellor. An expert in this field allows you to streamline your priorities based on your interests and suggests you a major that would be more suitable for you. 

This way, you won’t be amongst the 80% students who change their major at least once. Moreover, they might even help you discover your hidden potential and help you in looking up your dream job. If not, you can always resort to opting for a major and eventually a job as per your parents’ liking. 

Preparing you for practical life

Career counsellors deal with facts. They’re straight off the bat going to tell if you’re meant for a job or not. Not only that, before stepping into the practical world, a career counsellor can arm you with tips and guidance so that you don’t end up jobless or, worse, starve on the streets. If you’d like to become a professional singer, but you’re tone-deaf, there’s no way your counsellor won’t give you that reality check. 

Your counsellor also will make sure you don’t succumb to peer pressure and make a choice that’s solely best for you. 

On the other hand, if you’re pretty much at a loss of what you’d like to do in the future, your counsellor can help you out. First, they’ll assess your personality, your behaviour, and skillset, after which they’ll recommend you a line of work that might be something you always wanted to do but were never sure about. Thus, you can land a job where you can play to your strengths and lead a life that you chose for yourself rather than picking a path that was not meant for you. 

Work to achieve your dream

Just like Cinderella had a Fairy Godmother who made her dreams come true, you can consider your career counsellor like one too. Talking to a career counsellor can be immensely therapeutic. We can understand being a college student is not a piece of cake, and you can’t just simply breeze through it. 

There are going to be situations where you’d be plagued with self-doubt and won’t know what to do. A career counsellor can help you figure things out. They can get rid of your self-doubts as long as you’re willing to talk about it. 

You might think that’s a job for a therapist, but career counsellors can also give you a helping hand when you need it. The thing is, you would often underestimate your counsellor by not knowing how much to talk about with them. 

But every counsellor studies psychology and sociology, so they can understand if you’re feeling conflicted about your fears and even your desires which is why they’re instrumental in working through your emotions. Also, most counsellors make it their top priority that their clients must feel at ease with them. If they’re not comfortable, they won’t be able to talk about anything. 

Securing your future

To say ‘counselling is a long-term investment’ is not wrong. If your kid is receiving counselling from middle school to college, they’re likely to make decisive choices every step of the way. Most coursework writing services would suggest that if your kid’s school doesn’t have guidance counsellors, you should enrol them elsewhere. Guidance counsellors can be a symbol that a school genuinely cares about its students and their welfare. 

Now, you can’t expect a career counsellor to get you hired somewhere. They’d rather facilitate you in the process of applying for jobs and let you know of any openings. They can help you present yourself as a potential candidate so that you can excel in the interview at the very least. 

Furthermore, career counselling helps in keeping you in a positive attitude. Instead of moping and going into depression, career counsellors make sure that you stay positive regarding even the most negative outcomes. Instead of being discouraged, they’ll tell you to keep your chin high and wait for the next big opportunity. 

All in all, a career counsellor can be a blessing in disguise for you. They can guide you on the right path that’ll allow you to lead a successful life with no regrets in terms of your job choices, at least.

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