5 Types of People to Unfriend Right Now on Facebook

5 Types of People to Unfriend Right Now on Facebook

Social Media’s craze has spontaneously risen: Dwelling on Facebook, scrolling through posts, and timeline has been a common trend for all people. Have you ever noticed how easily we get caught — lost in the Social Media world, watching all the stupid comments, liking pictures, laughing, and sharing funny memes? It’s even difficult to notice how quickly our time passes.

However, People still chose to spend most of their time on Facebook, and global pandemic like coronavirus has made the condition even worse — increasing more than triple the number of activities on Facebook. In such time, it is essential to surround ourselves with meaningful people who bring joy, growth, value, and positiveness into our life.

Here is the list of 5 People’s Group We Consider Unfriending on Facebook:

5 Types of People to Unfriend Right Now on Facebook

The Stranger

You might sometimes be scratching your head and wondering, “How this guy become my friend”. Well, you might have accepted or sent the friend request when you were sleepy, drunk, alone, needy, or that guy might have multiple mutual friends. Whatever the reason might be, it’s better to keep strangers off from stalking and creeping your Facebook account.

Let’s be honest, do you want a stranger to know where you live, your contact details, and present whereabouts? Guess not — there’s no reason to let a random person access your life, whom you haven’t even met in real life. So, it’s time to hit that unfriend button without any further questions.

Your Ex’s Circle

Relationships and Heartbreaks are tough — it sucks — primarily if your emotions were engaged for an extended period with your Ex. It’s like losing your own identity and another half of yourself. However long it takes, both life and people move on. If you’re in the healing process or you’ve moved on from your previous relationship, it’s healthy to eliminate your Ex’s circle from your friend list.

Furthermore, removing exes circle is suitable for your emotional and mental well-being as they no longer remind you of your past relationships. Without any distractions, you can grow and explore yourself, other people and this beautiful world.

The Attention Seeker

This one is my least favorite person on the earth. I could publish a whole book explaining the amount of hatred I have for ‘Attention Seekers’. This type of person craves attention and will bombard your timeline with the annoying — attention-seeking post. No matter how many times you untag yourself or remove a tag from Facebook comments, posts or photos, they keep tagging you in it, further engaging themselves in every nonsense discussion.  

Since you now hold control of your life, it’s time to finally remove these people from your friend list — reducing stress and drama from your life altogether — making your life a “Drama Free Zone”.

The Silent and Ignoring Ones

This happens a lot, not just to me but to everyone. The silence these people provides — never liking, commenting, texting or even responding to birthday wishes. You do feel their online presence and online activities liking other posts and photos, but when it’s come to you, NADA, just complete silence.

There’s no reason to continue to beg or plead with these people to interact with you or your Facebook posts. Just hit the ‘Unfriend’ button, and Trust me, it’ll make you feel 10x times better.

Anyone Who Makes you Feel Crappy

Now it’s time to revaluate your life — leaving old baggage behind and unfriending anyone who makes you feel crappy about your life. Do not feel guilty about it; your real-life friends will stick with you through thick and thin. Filter your Facebook wall with positive posts and videos. Leave your Facebook with a handful of friends and feel light and relieved. 

Before adding anyone on your Facebook again, remember the feeling is mutual. Find someone who cherishes you, enjoys your presence, listens to you, and most importantly, values and respects you. Not just on Facebook but in real life as well. Your friend circle defines whom you turn out to be in the future. Enjoy this beautiful world, and I hope you’ll find the joy of being alive every day.  

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