5 Tips That Help You Win BIG in Fantasy Cricket

Just like in the case of cricket matches, fantasy cricket too has become a fan favourite of so many who love the sport and has become one of the most played games across the country. 

Be it your free time, leisure moment or any other, fantasy cricket can be played almost any time of the day. For many lovers of cricket, fantasy cricket online has become their daily routine and one medium of earning real money. 

If one could recall, Fantasy cricket’s popularity soared during the Indian T20 League and from that point onwards, a dozen of fantasy cricket apps hit the market with their own take on the game.

So how does one play fantasy cricket? What’s the reason that so many users try this game? Well, the answer is very simple – fantasy cricket online requires on to create a team of 11 players from both sides. 

He/she has to then pick a tournament or a pool to participate in and if luck goes their way, you stand a chance to bag a lot of real cash! However, whilst creating your perfect team, there any many factors that come into play such as – player’s form, pitch condition, bowling form etc. 

All these factors combined; he/she must then know where their fantasy team truly stand.

But as the users try their luck whilst playing fantasy cricket online, there will be moments where their selected players wouldn’t perform and as a result your own team could face a damaging result. 

Thus, it is important to be attentive and careful while picking your best eleven. If he/she has honed skills and a good amount of cricketing knowledge, there’s no doubt that their respective team will also do well. Hence it is important to pick the right players for the right moment.

Listed below are the 5 tips you should take note of whilst making a fantasy cricket team:

1.Read the weather and pitch condition carefully

Do remember that the real cricket matches too are weather and pitch oriented. If it’s an overcast condition, captains usually opt to bowl first as the weather will favour the bowlers more with pace and swing. 

And that’s why a fantasy user too should side by the same decision as to pick his side that could do well on a given day.
Moreover, the pitches to play a part in deciding a game’s result. If it’s a flat track, batters would have enjoyed the most but if it’s assisting the spinners or medium pacers, then you could have a headache on your hands as to which bowler you could opt for. 

So, always keep in mind these two factors before choosing your perfect eleven as it well may decide in which way your team’s headed – win or loss.

2. Be patient and results will flow

When you are in the zone of creating your fantasy cricket team, one major factor that comes into play is money

Whilst playing fantasy cricket online, one has to keep in mind the money saved that goes in to creating your perfect eleven. Make sure you are not hastening on your money or else the results could be dreadful. 

Have patience when playing fantasy cricket as if not today but surely tomorrow your team could work wonders!

3. Pick captain and vice-captain wisely

Make sure your skipper and his deputy are picked on the back of the mind of giving it an overthought. 

The selected captain will hand you 2x points while the deputy hands you 1.5x points. Thus, it is necessary to choose them wisely as they are the ones who will supplement the most of the of the points. 

Make sure to pick them on form, stability, and performance.

4. Check the players’ current form

When creating your team, make sure you keep your emotions aside and pick the best player possible. There will be a time when your favourite player isn’t in the perfect form with the bat or ball so it’s not easy to drop them from your team. 

Make sure you check the players’ previous performances and not go by mere reputation. In doing so, you could pave way for a decent outing as far as playing fantasy cricket online is concerned.

5. Knowledge is Power

Before entering the world of fantasy cricket, one must have enough knowledge and know-how about the sport that is cricket. 

One must know the batters, bowlers, all-rounders, wicketkeepers etc before creating a fantasy team. 

Plus, one should also have a fair bit of knowledge about the players themselves as well as the tournaments/series that are been organised. Without it, he/she has no chance whatsoever in performing well in the fantasy cricket arena.


At the end of the day, fantasy cricket online is not only rewarding but also it drives away your tension, pressure, or any other mental excursions. 

Thus, before playing fantasy cricket online it is a must that he/she should adhere to the basics and then go about doing their routine.

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