5 Things to Keep in Mind While in Drivers Ed

5 Things to Keep in Mind While in Drivers Ed

Learning to drive is a key milestone that comes with several responsibilities. To verify your safety and that of other road users when driving, you should take drivers ed in Washington state. Instructors help you become a competent, confident, and safe driver while behind the wheel. Here are five key things to remember while in driver’s ed:

There Are Multiple Types of Drivers Ed Training

When planning to enroll in driver’s ed, you need to choose among the multiple state-approved driver’s training programs in Washington state. Your driver’s training program choice depends on your age and specific requirements.

Teens don’t have the same requirements as older students taking driver’s ed. You will enroll in a unique curriculum if you are relocating to Washington and only need to learn about the state’s traffic laws.

Driving schools offer unique programs to match these specific needs. You can enroll in a convenient program, provided the curriculum meets Washington State’s minimum requirements.

Driving and Traffic Laws Are Unique to Your State

Many people assume that if they are state-certified, they can drive anywhere nationally. While the concept of vehicle operation remains the same across the board, traffic laws are unique in many states. States like Washington require anyone relocating from out-of-state to go through driver’s ed that meets the state’s requirements.

Once you move to Washington, you must pass a written test detailing traffic and road rules. Most of the test information is similar to other states, with a few differences. You should enroll in training offering traffic safety education before taking the test to make sure you pass. Instructors provide you with some practice tests during training to familiarize yourself with the requirements before taking the actual exam.

You Learn How to Become a Safe Driver

The main focus of driver’s ed training in Washington is to become a safe driver. Instructors adhere to the minimum recommended hours before allowing you to take the test. This will enable you to gain confidence behind the wheel and know all about maintaining safety on the road.

Safety training helps protect you, your passengers, and other road users. It helps build an excellent driving record and boosts your chances of getting insurance discounts.

Some of the ways drivers ed helps you become a safer driver include:

  • Eliminating or helping minimize instructions like phone use
  • Maintaining designated speed limits
  • Learning defensive driving and being mindful of other road users to prevent accidents
  • Maintaining road etiquette by avoiding incidences like road rage
  • Learning practical skills like changing a flat tire

Pass Tests to Obtain a Driving Permit

Before becoming a driver in Washington State, you must pass the driving and knowledge tests. The tests examine your understanding of Washington’s road laws and ability to control a vehicle correctly. For both the knowledge and driver’s tests, you must pre-apply online and make an appointment at the Department of Licensing.

The knowledge test involves a set of written questions to which you must provide correct answers. These questions test the driver’s ability to interpret road signs and laws. Your paper will either be in English or Spanish with multiple-choice questions. The pass mark is 32 correct answers out of 40.

Driving tests help examiners check a learner’s ability to operate a vehicle correctly. These tests assess how you hold the steering, use mirrors and turn signals, check blind spots, and your confidence on the road. You must get at least 80% to pass the driving test.

Practicing Is Key

While you have a minimum amount of hours to practice before taking the test, you should aim at getting extra practice hours. More practice helps you become more confident on the road and become a better driver.

When practicing before the driving test, make sure you have an instructor or licensed driver in the car. They can guide you by watching how you operate the vehicle and navigate while on the roads.

Enroll In Drivers Ed Washington State

Learning to drive will give you or your loved one more freedom to explore. You should enroll in drivers ed in Washington State to learn how to drive safely and familiarize yourself with traffic and road laws. Instructors prepare you on how to ace the driving and knowledge tests, helping you earn your driver’s license.

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