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5 reasons to look into award interpretation software

If you travel far enough from our beautiful sandy shores, you’ll discover that being able to work in Australia makes us all some of the most privileged individuals on the planet.  One of the main reasons for this is our world-standard industrial award system, in which an authorised body – a state commission or the federal Fair Work Commission – hits the gavel on the conditions and pay that all workers in a particular industry or job must benefit from.  This includes minimum pay, entitlements for overtime and leave and other entitlements and conditions, creating a safety net based on fairness and our world-famous quality of life.

If there is a downside, though, it’s that our award system is not just extremely complex for employers to track and comply with, but in some key areas it’s actually downright ambiguous.  Employers trying to row these rough waters with their own paddle are weighed down not only by the workload and the headache, but the risk that a mistake – even the most innocent ones – can leave critical operations, the business and the brand open to back-payments, reputational damage and penalties from the tens of thousands to the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But just on a day-to-day basis, navigating the industrial award conditions that apply to your specific workers can be so difficult that it’s edging towards the impossible.  There are meal allowances, rules for a specific string of hours, rules for absences, rules for breaks – and on and on and on.  Rowing these waters is referred to as ‘award interpretation’, and doing it correctly requires an immense attention to detail and an inevitable distraction from other core business goals.

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The answer?  Automation, made possible by some of the most sophisticated award interpretation software ever devised.  Select the right engine for your business, and it will be:

1. Simple

Under the hood, the powerful code could hardly be more complex.  For the user, it could hardly be simpler – especially in the invisible yet completely reliable calculation of highly complex award rules for individual employees.

2. Time-saving

What takes you hours can take award interpretation software the blink of an eye, and not just for the award administrators but management and even staff.

3. Bulletproof

Most of the time, award discrepancies and so-called ‘wage theft’ committed by employees in Australia is simply the result of human error – and quite often the employer still isn’t sure what went wrong even when it’s described to them.  The upside isn’t just compliance guarantees, but also bulletproof payroll accuracy that promotes confidence and powerful brands.

4. Money-saving

Saved time, slashed administrative complexity and eliminated errors can, of course, be counted in dollars.  But features such as real-time roster costing enables employers to make highly empowered and efficient decisions that are managed against set budgets, leading to the most effective management of a happy, highly productive workforce.

5. Just for Australia

You may know about a few that apply to you or your industry peers, but did you know there are well in excess of 100 entirely distinct industry or occupational awards in Australia – and that within every single one, there are different rules that apply to different employee categories and individual circumstances?

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Yes, award interpretation is a minefield – and award interpretation software is your way to hop, skip, jump and whistle your organisation’s way through it.  The most powerful engines on the market integrate seamlessly with dozens of payroll providers, slash all time-burning areas of manual data entry, ensure DCAA compliance with key global privacy acts and so much more.  To talk to a true industry expert about getting the most powerful award interpretation engine up and revving in your organisation, get in touch today.

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