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5 Most Used Health-Themed Features of Smartwatches

A smartwatch is both an adornment and a utility device serving various purposes when patched on your wrist. Typically, smartwatches are loyal reminders of time but do more than ticking and tacking all day long. Savvy manufacturers design them to be all-rounders and tag along additional features to boost their functionality. Smartwatches are becoming the most sought-after smart-tech devices in Singapore, thanks to the numerous features that people adore. Here are the most used health-themed features of smartwatches in Singapore.

5 Most Used Health-Themed Features of Smartwatches

  1. Pedometers

If you’re serving a prescription a doctor assigned you, it might include a mention of taking long morning or evening walks. Or, it may be purpose-driven – a mission from within to stay healthy. Most smartwatches in Singapore have built-in pedometers to track the steps you take during a walk session. This tracking provides an estimate of the distance covered to gauge if you met your workout goals. With the rising demand for fitness among the people of Singapore, this feature has become popular in the country.

  1. Physical exercise trackers

This feature serves an almost similar function as pedometers. However, with physical trackers, it’s more than just tracking your steps and estimating distance. Most fitness trackers in smartwatches help relay workout output results from more vigorous running, cycling, and swimming. At the end of workouts, this feature displays the number of calories burned in addition to the distance covered. The ballooning popularity with most smartwatches in Singapore is due to their simple user interface and the subtle ability to sync them with mobile devices for improved display.

  1. Sleep monitors

Smartwatches measure individuals’ sleep patterns using actigraphy – a process that interprets wrist movements into sleep patterns. Smartwatches are becoming household utility gadgets for medical diagnosis of most sleep disorders, including apnea and insomnia. Typically, smartwatch manufacturers design them to monitor brain waves and analyze sleep phases as you drift into slumber. Sleep tracking also offers the luxury of pinning down if you’re getting enough sleep for better health or your nights serve no essential refreshment purpose at all.

  1. Heart rate monitors

You don’t have to be medically diagnosed with a cardiac complication to use a heart monitor. Most smartwatches in Singapore have in-build heart rate monitors to track heart activity and get a clear insight into your heart condition, emotional, and fitness level. Besides, it keeps you in the know when you’re at the onset of developing severe cardiac issues, including Atrial Fibrillation and cardiac arrests. These wrist gadgets use algorithms that detect heart rhythm changes and point out any signs of potential heart defects. The heart rate monitor features are becoming more in favor among fitness-conscious people – and there’s a ton of them in Singapore. 

  1. Blood pressure monitors

Nothing alarms a person more than a sudden surge in blood pressure. It comes without warning, often out of the blue, but it doesn’t mean the signs never showed in the first place. Maybe you were too busy to notice, and in the next instant, it gives a hard knock. Therefore, smartwatches have in-built blood pressure monitors to sound an alarm before things go south. This feature ranks high among the most used health-themed features of smartwatches in Singapore.


Smartwatches serve numerous purposes besides ticking and tacking all day. Of the most fundamental features, health-themed attributes are the most used among the Singapore people. With their intelligent designs and ergonomic models, smartwatches in Singapore are bound to become the most in-demand intelligent tech gadgets.

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