5 Tips for Organizations Using Salesforce Experience Cloud for Member Management

According to Statista, Salesforce stands at the top of the most preferred CRM applications globally. 

Does this come as a surprise? Well, not really!

For the past couple of years, Salesforce has established its authority as a market leader in data management and boosting business efficiencies. Among its myriad of functions, companies particularly love it for its impeccable member management capabilities.     

What makes Salesforce the Best CRM for Member Management?

Using the Salesforce membership management tool comes with a myriad of benefits. They include:

  • Consolidation of data: the application collates information that the organization can leverage to gain more insights into its members’ needs. 
  • Training opportunities: the Salesforce member management software allows organizations to build a platform where they can train members, including volunteers.
  • Seamless communication: the application provides a media that streamlines communication among members.
  • Better collaboration: the platform allows volunteers and other members to collaborate and work in cohesion. 

5 Tips on How to Manage Members Effectively with Salesforce

Productively using Salesforce for member management means adhering to its various best practices. Here are the five tips that ensure you manage members successfully with Salesforce.

  • Personalize their experience

Since the Salesforce volunteer management system fetches vital consumer data, organizations can leverage this information to offer tailored consumer experiences.

They can, for instance, recommend products that might be of interest to a specific buyer, based on their purchasing history. Organizations can also use the same information to fuel their decision-making processes. 

  • Make use of community groups

Joining a Salesforce Experience Cloud community is an excellent way for non-profit organizations to interact with like-minded people. They provide an avenue where members can communicate and collaborate, fostering value addition.  

Through such community engagements, organizations gain guidance and invaluable feedback that might steer them to success. 

  • Maintain high-level data privacy

One of the best ways to foster great connections and build brand loyalty is by protecting your members’ data.

Various functionalities of the Salesforce nonprofit member management software support advanced data privacy. For instance, the application is in compliance with the stipulated data privacy regulations, can provide insights into ideal security protocols, supports data security best practices, and allows flexibility in assigning user permissions.

Leveraging these features helps keep sensitive member information safe and minimizes the risk of detrimental data breaches.

  • Make use of templates

Organizations are regularly communicating vital information to consumers via emails. Considering that drafting emails can be a time-consuming process, Salesforce for associations offers lots of templates that you can use to speed up the lead nurturing process in email marketing.

Furthermore, templates allow organizations to maintain brand consistency, which is instrumental in establishing a company as an authority.

  • Make Trailhead your best friend

Trailhead is an online course that equips you with the knowledge you need to work with the association management software in Salesforce. The hands-on experience you gain allows you to better manage members.

How Can Membership-based Organizations integrate Member Solutions from Advanced Communities?

Various tools that facilitate the interaction of the Advanced Communities’ member directory exist. The solution is native to Salesforce, customizable, flexible, and lets easily manage members.


They can:

  • Manage Membership experience – growth, scaling, and tracking of all processes
  • 360-degree member view – all of your members’ activities stored in one place
  • Control the Engagement and raise the motivation of your members with a scoring system 
  • Keep an eye on member activity for the purposes of offering personalized services 
  • Integrate through Google maps
  • Leverage the filtering function for member classification purposes
  • Implement special tools that work cohesively with any Salesforce-based association management software

Final word

Salesforce Experience Cloud is undeniably an excellent tool to ensure the smooth running of non-profit organizations. It simplifies the complex processes involved in communication and data documentation.

Contact Advanced Communities for detailed information on how you can integrate Salesforce Experience Cloud into your organization.

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