5 genshin impact funny memes every player can relate to

Genshin impact is becoming increasingly popular with every new update, and as more and more players join, we are seeing more funny memes appearing on almost every character. but we have picked some of the best genshin impact memes for you that are just hilarious and so relatable, so grab your snacks and keep scrolling.

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The whole genshin impact in a nutshell

5 genshin impact funny memes every player can relate to

In the genshin impact game, the main objective is for the Traveler to locate their missing brother or sister. However, the game is designed in such a way that you first need to complete lots of side missions, and quests that totally distract the players. It is simply too difficult to focus on their family when there is so much going on in the world. Whether you’re trying to open every single treasure chest on the map or dealing with random cooking quests, it’s hard to stay focused.

As a result, some players may never find their missing family member.

Free primogems when servers are down

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting back after a long day to play your favorite game only to be greeted by a message stating that the server is down

While this may be annoying in case of other games but not in genshin impact, After the Genshin Impact 2.2 update: Every time when the genshin impact’s server goes down either for maintenance reasons or for any reason, As a reward, miHoYo will provide maintenance compensation of 300 Primogems which is about 60 gems for each hour the servers are down.

This is amazing, isn’t it? Genshin Impact knows how to keep their players happy, even when they’re not even playing the game!

Swimming stamina drains is too big

This is the one thing that every genshin impact player will relate to. The number of in-game deaths has been shockingly high, but it isn’t monsters that are killing players. Most player deaths are caused by falling into water when a gamer’s stamina reaches zero. Once this happens, the character will instantly drown no matter what.

The strength it takes to climb a mountain in genshin impact is pretty impressive, but strangely enough, that same strength can’t prevent you from drowning. Which is weird!

When will genshin impact release on switch?

Lots of genshin impact fans are eagerly waiting for any news about when genshin impact will be released on switch, but sadly after the release of Genshin Impact – Nintendo Switch trailer in jan 2020 we haven’t heard anything regarding nintendo switch from miHoYo.

And this meme perfectly shows the frustration of genshin impacts fans. Though the game is likely to be released on the console in the future, Switch owners can’t help feeling left out.

Why dragonspine is so cold

A new area called Dragonspine was announced in the Genshin Impact 1.2 update, and players were extremely excited about it, giving them a wide range of new lands to discover. Along with the release of the Chalk Prince, Albedo, came a completely new region, Dragonspine.

Players soon discovered, however, that Dragonspine is an unbelievably cold place, and any character (no matter what element they use) must maintain a healthy body temperature while in the region by reaching heat sources every few minutes. As a result, players are forced to constantly ask themselves if every little light source is a source of heat that could save their lives. And this meme perfectly shows the frustration.

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