5 Features in Bitrix24 You Did Not Know About

About Bitrix24 

Before we start talking about Bitrix24 features and what not, we want to talk to you about the software in more general terms. In this Bitrix24 review, we want to give you an idea about what the software is about. the software is essentially an online workspace which has a number of tools that allow for effective organization and execution of your work. The software has a number of functions including task management and project management features. All in all, its aim is to give you more features to enjoy and make work easier. 

Bitrix24 allows you to enjoy a number of tools in a simple way. With this software you do not need to invest in several different software trying to find a balance between them because Bitrix24 does it all for you. The software is cloud based so it is accessible worldwide; no matter where you are. 

In this Bitrix24 review, we will go over everything we want you to know about its software. From features in the software to details about Bitrix24 pricing. Keep reading in order to learn everything there is to know about this software! 

Key Features in Bitrix24 

Task Sharing

The first feature we want to list in this Bitrix24 review is the feature for task sharing. This feature allows you and your team to share everything you are up to in regards to your project or work. The dashboard is accessible to everyone on the team and hence everyone can look at what tasks they are assigned or tasks others are assigned. This feature not only makes it easier to assign tasks but also allows for it to be easier to keep everyone on the team on the same page because everyone is able to view what other team members are up to. This really makes communication among the group so much easier! 

File Sharing 

The next feature in this Bitrix24 review we want to talk about is the file sharing feature which essentially allows all users to make their work and collaboration at work so much easier. The feature helps you to add your finished tasks to the software so that everyone on your team is able to view them and access them. This essentially allows you to make it so much easier to work in a group because you are able to share progress much more easily and everyone is more often updated with progress of the project management software in general because they can just view the amount of work uploaded on the software and figure out where the project stands in the pipeline! 

Time Tracking 

The time tracking feature is one that really helps keep everyone on the team and beyond on the same page. The feature gives you a realistic estimate of when the project will be completed so that you can then relay this information to your client or any other stakeholder. All in all, this feature really allows you to keep everyone up to date about the progress on the project. The most important part of a project is to come up with a feasible timeline for it and with this feature, you are able to make a relevant timeline very easily! 

Team Meetings Online 

In the age of Covid-19, everyone was forced to work from home and with the team meetings feature on Bitrix24 software, you are able to easily achieve a working from home environment for your team. This feature allows for you to easily connect with everyone using an online video chat option for meetings. Instead of having everyone on your team use a separate video chat app or platform to meet, they can just join the meeting on Bitrix24 since it supports a video conferencing feature. This feature really helps everyone save time because no one has to hop from one app or software to another just to attend a meeting. 

Device Blind

Another thing we want to mention for Bitrix24 review is the fact that the software is device blind. This means you can essentially use the software with any device, whether it is a desktop or your mobile phone; rest assured your device will be supported on it. All in all, this really helps you out. Having an app which functions on all kinds of devices is really important and with Bitrix24 you get to enjoy the freedom to use any software you want without worrying about how the software will translate on to that device! 

Bitrix24 Pricing 

The next topic we want to come to is Bitrix24 pricing. In terms of Bitrix24 pricing, the software also has a free version if you are on a strict budget. However, the free version comes with its own set of limitations. But the paid version for the software is not too bad! The version costs about $199 per month which considering the number of benefits you get with this software is not too bad.

Is Bitrix24 a Solid Choice for you?

Now we come to the final portion of this Bitrix24 review; is the software right for you? Well, perhaps we can help you reach your own conclusion. We will not make a direct recommendation but can perhaps help facilitate you to make your own decision. 

The first thing we suggest is that you think about the features you ideally want in a software and then see whether Bitrix24 software has those features for you to enjoy. Then we suggest you ask for a Bitrix24 demo or trial to get a real feel of the software. 

And finally, we suggest you only make a decision based on whether the software will serve your needs as a business in particular. 

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