5 Easy Ways to Amp Up your Outfits

5 Easy Ways to Amp Up your Outfits

Are you tired of the same old look when you step out of the house daily? Are you finding your everyday fashion choices boring? If so, you may be in a bit of a style rut. Making your clothes look better and “more” when you feel like all your fashion creativity has kissed you goodbye can be a big challenge. But don’t worry- being at a crossroads when deciding how to amp up your outfits is entirely normal, even when you are somewhat of a fashion diva. 

To help you feel your best-dressed self, we have listed some easy ways you can level up your outfits instantly.

  1. Accessorize with jewelry

Accessories are usually the last thing most people think of when putting an outfit together, but sometimes they are all you need to bring out the beauty in your look. Your complementary accessories can do wonders to elevate your outfits, so it is time you start taking them into your everyday outfit-planning equation. There is a piece of accessory befitting every color and clothing style- you only need to find your perfect fit. 

Although jewelry is not the only accessory you can use to elevate your look, it is one of the most obvious choices. With so many different types of jewelry and various styles for each of them, there are myriad ways you can incorporate them into your look. For instance, wear a pendant if your top or dress has a V-neck, put on a pair of bright and colorful earrings if the color of your clothes is monotonous, and put on a dainty bracelet if you are wearing mid-to-long sleeves. If you want a unique and cute piece to add to your collection, check out the pretty bee bracelets from The Manchester Shop.

  1. Coordinate your outfit with a bag

Not only is carrying a bag practical, but it is also a great way to tie your whole look together effortlessly. Fashion bags come in different styles, sizes, and colors, and coordinating the perfect one with your outfit is an art that is easy to master. 

Easy tip: balance out the colors and embellishments of your clothes and the bag. Going for a bag the same color as your dress may drown your entire look- you don’t want to create too much of a matchy situation. The key is to balance the tones so that the bag complements your clothes instead of competing with them. For instance, match the bag with your belt and shoes instead of the top or pants. If you are wearing an all-black outfit, carry a bag that gives a pop of color. As for a vibrant outfit, go for a classic black or white.

  1. The perfect shoes

Wearing your favorite pair of shoes with every outfit may seem like the most natural choice, but it will hardly work from a fashion standpoint. Your shoes should match the occasion and its formality level, be practical, and complement your outfit. The perfect shoe choice can amp up your outfit by a thousand.

When choosing what shoes to wear, always start by considering what type of shoes will be appropriate for where you are going. For instance, if you have a formal work thing, your converse will not work. Similarly, if you are going to a glamorous party, simple boots will not cut it. Once you have decided on the appropriate type of shoe for the occasion, also consider their practicality- you don’t want to end up wearing shoes that leave you feeling cold in the middle of the extreme winter season.

Next comes the styling choice- consider colors, tones, and patterns. Keep your shoes and outfit balanced so that they complement each other. For a bright outfit, keep it even with nude or black colored shoes. And for a plain outfit, go for something with details or contrasting colors. Be mindful of not going for patterned shoes with patterned pieces of clothing unless they match. Some may consider clashing patterns to be a fashion vice.

  1. Add a scarf

If you have been standing in front of a mirror, thinking your outfit is missing something but not exactly knowing what, we’ll give you a hint: it is a scarf. Scarves can go with any clothing style and take a look to another level. A fashion scarf with a blazer? Perfect for your professional look. A plaid scarf with a trench? Fall classic. Patterned scarf with a basic tee? Magical for making a plain outfit interesting. 

There are many types of scarves, and deciding which one goes well with your aesthetic today is no difficult task. Try playing with the colors and patterns, and you will eventually stumble upon the one that works the best.

If you don’t feel comfortable carrying a scarf on warmer days, try going for a neckerchief instead. Monotone and plain neckerchiefs can take the elegance of your formal or professional outfits up a notch.

  1. Add a statement piece

Having statement pieces in your wardrobe for when you don’t have the time to go through your vast collection of jewelry, jackets, or shoes can be so handy. When you are running late and have no time to plan your clothes carefully, your statement pieces can save you from fashion failure. The entire purpose of statement pieces is to bring attention to them instead of the individual items you are wearing- these are the attention grabbers, the styling pieces that make your whole look. 

When you have no time to start thinking “fashion,” go for your simplest outfit and throw on your statement trench coat, boots, earrings, or bag. Once you have your statement piece on, your outfit will no longer be as simple as it started. However, remember to wear only one statement piece at a time- more than one and they will be competing for attention, making the overall look confusing instead of fashionable.


Fashion may have many rules of thumb, but that does not mean you cannot experiment on your own. Fashion is about having fun with clothes and accessories and wearing what makes you feel the best about yourself. It is your approval you should be after, not the rest of the world. So, dress how you want to and choose styling pieces that make you “you.” Your outfit is a way of expressing yourself, and staying true to yourself is how you fully amp it up.

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