5 different men’s dressing styles for wedding in London

Weddings usually involve people fussing over women’s dressing styles and their attires, but we believe men’s dressing also needs equal attention as there are trendy styles coming up every year in fashion. So here are 5 fashionable styles that you can try out for the next wedding you attend.

If you’re looking to experiment with your look for an upcoming wedding, but not sure what to change, you could consider trying out different types of lapels. The common types are Notch Lapel, Peak Lapel and Shawl Lapel; out of which, the shawl lapel is gaining popularity in 2021. So if you want to wear the classic white dinner jacket, pairing it with a shawl lapel could enhance the appearance of it. The Notch Lapel creates a v-shaped look at the overlapping portion of the jacket. The Peak lapel has its edges pointed upwards towards your shoulders giving it the name Peak as it forms one on the jacket. And finally, a shawl lapel sits around your neck like a shawl or scarf wrapped for warmth and comfort. The lapel might seem like a small portion of the entire jacket but it is what defines the look and each of the lapel styles offers a varying finish to the entire attire. 

  • Double breasted jackets

Double breasted jackets are classic and never go out of style. They have overlapping flaps and two sets of buttons. They are considered to be more formal than regular single breasted jackets. You can wear them for any wedding event irrespective of the theme, destination or pre-decided dress code. They look chic, classy and the current designs are meant to flatter the lean body as they fit snug with perfect measurements by wrapping around the body. You can also get buttons matching your wedding rings hatton garden, to complete your entire look.

  • Trendy Patterned tuxedos

We love a tux with a good pattern. When the plain ones get boring, go for the textured, patterned trendy tuxedos to stand out in the crowd. Patterns are suited for weddings with a theme too and you can also pair them with fun accessories. Paisley tuxedos are rich and ooze with style. They are mostly worn in white, like a dinner jacket, black, grey or dark pastels. A grey jacket with motifs and designs can enhance the look of your attire. Pair it with plain black trousers and a white or cream shirt to bring out the best of those patterns.

  • Velvet tuxedos

Not many are bold enough to carry the velvet tuxedos to perfection, but if you’re willing to look different and stand out, then this might be a good choice for you to consider. The stark difference in the material of the jacket and the pants is what makes this tux a whole lot different than the regular ones. Velvet tuxedos are available in lovely colours for those who dare to look beyond the regular and ordinary. The common colours are blue, golden, maroon and green, but you can choose whichever colour you like. They can be paired with white shirts, patterned ties or simple bow ties for after-wedding receptions or dinner parties too. A boutonnière; floral decoration does beautifully with the colourful velvet fabric. Popular Hollywood celebrities like Chris Evans and Jason Momoa are known to flaunt the velvet tux for public appearances. Hatton Garden Jewellers has amazing accessories that you can pair with this style.

  • The Classic white tuxedo 

This dinner jacket white tuxedo is something you simply cannot go wrong with. Keep it simple, keep it classy and rock the wedding as you effortlessly look well-dressed for the occasion. You can pair it with black trousers and pointed black shoes. A silver watch goes best with it too. You could also add flowers and a contrast coloured pocket square such as pink or blue.

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All these styles are super trending this year and will make sure you look like a rockstar in the wedding. Do check out accessories to pair them with and complete your attire in the best way possible.

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