5 Awesome Tips to cleanse your lungs naturally

Lungs are responsible for filtering the air you breathe and filtering out any toxins in your system. Smoking, pollution, pollen, and chemicals in the air can increase toxicity in your body. If your lungs are not healthy enough to keep you away from pollutants, it can lead to different diseases. Unhealthy lungs can also be a sign of lung disease that needs an assessment from Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain Bokhari. Although the lungs are self-cleaning organs, some tips can help improve your lung health by cleansing them.

Ways to cleanse your lungs

1. Avoid smoking

We all know that smoking is a health hazard, and smokers are at risk of many diseases, including lung cancer. Quitting smoking is a favor for your lungs and overall health. It takes two weeks to several months to get your lungs back to normal even after you stop smoking. It may take years to eliminate its effects on your body. So, those who do not smoke should steer clear of the urge to put nicotine in their system. If you are a smoker, it is time to consider quitting it. Moreover, secondhand smoke can damage your lungs too. It is better to stay away from closed areas where someone is smoking.

2. Keep indoor air clean

The pollutants in the air outside our house may be out of our control, but we can keep the indoor air free of lung irritants. Clean any filters and exhausts in your house. Close any openings from where the dust can enter your home. Invest in a good air purifier to filter the air and free it from impurities in the air. Eliminate any artificial fragrances in the house as they can cause lung irritation.

3. Exercise

A healthy exercise routine can enhance your lung health and poses many benefits for your overall health. Exercising on a daily basis increases the breathing rate and makes the heart and lungs work harder to produce more oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. It transports it to the muscles to provide them with strength. It also speeds up the circulation of oxygen in your body. As you become active and regular in your exercise routine, your stamina increases too.

4. Practice chest percussion

Percussion is a method that can aid in draining fluid from the lungs. A professional can conduct chest percussion in the following positions:

  • Sitting position
  • Lying on your back and a pillow under your chest, or;
  • Lying on your stomach and keeping your head down.

In this technique, you can ask a family, friend, or respiratory therapist to tap lightly on your back with cupped hands. It loosens the mucus stuck in your lungs to make it easier for you to breathe. The Best Pulmonologist in Lahore may suggest this to patients with COPD or cystic fibrosis to make breathing better.

5. Add lung-friendly foods to your diet!

Balancing your diet can boost your overall health. Add foods or drinks to your diet rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, and vitamins, especially Vitamin D. The anti-inflammation properties in food can help lessen any swelling in the lungs. Additionally, other vitamins and minerals can help protect your lungs and make them strong. Green tea contains antioxidants as well and can benefit your lungs.


Lungs are an integral part of the body, and they require care to function effectively. It can be hard to eliminate all toxic factors around you, but you can take the measures given above to cleanse your lungs and keep them in good shape.

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