4 Sure Ways to Repurpose Content Using Transcription

4 Sure Ways to Repurpose Content Using Transcription

What is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting your audio or video content into text. It is different from the time-coded closed captions you see when you watch videos. Transcription is simply plain text with no time codes.

There are different practices of transcription. The most popular practices are the Verbatim and Clean transcription. In Verbatim practice, every word you hear from the audio is transcribed into a text. This includes all speech errors, slang words and utterances or fillers like “um”, “ah, and “hm”. This kind of practice is usually for scripted media purposes and has a plot or storyline.

On the other hand, Clean transcription is the opposite of Verbatim transcription. Speech errors, slang words and utterances are excluded from the text. This kind of practice is usually for non-scripted and formal media like public speaking, interviews, and the like.

Why Should We Repurpose Content?

Imagine recycling an empty plastic bottle of water into something creative that you can sell. You get to enjoy the main purpose of the plastic bottle, which is to contain water for you to drink. And, use it again for another purpose, where you can gain something from it as well. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

This idea is the same as repurposing your content. You make content and publish it, then you change it and use it again for other purposes. Repurposing content doesn’t make you less creative. Instead, it makes you more resourceful since you can get the most value out of one content. Also, Repurposing content can help save more time and reach more audiences.

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How to Repurpose Content Using Transcription?

Make Your Transcript Downloadable

People are different from each other. We have our likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and positive and negative attitudes. Even in learning, we all are different. Some are much better at visual learning, some are through listening and others are through reading.

This is one of the reasons why you should repurpose your content using the transcription. Some people like reading more than watching or listening. If you have a podcast, try transcribing it. Add a link to your podcast where your listeners can download a PDF of your content. This way, they can read your content whenever they want even if they are not online.

Another reason for making your transcript available for download is to exchange it for an email address. With this, you are able to provide free downloadable PDFs to your audience, while boosting your network and market.

The only catch in this way is that PDFs are not searchable. You can only see PDFs on top of your search results because of the keywords in their file name or the URL. In this case, since this is a PDF, you might want to give them an option. If they want to read your content on your website or download it and read it at their convenient time.

Turn Your Transcript into a Blog Post

This is an addition to the first way to repurpose content using the transcription. You can give your audience an option to download your content as PDF or read it through a blog post.

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Writing a blog can be tedious. But, it won’t be if you already have a transcript of your content. You would save a lot of time thinking about how to write a blog. You don’t even have to spend money to pay someone to write it for you.

You can turn your transcript into a blog post by simply editing out all the unnecessary. You can change some words in your transcript to make it more formal and catchy. Also, you can add headings, pictures, formats and structure to make your blog post easier to read.

This can also be helpful for people having a hard time hearing with a hearing disability. They can read your blog post and appreciate your content. Who knows if they will be part of your supporters because of the convenience of the option you gave them.

Use Your Transcript on Your Social Media

You already used your transcript to make a downloadable PDF and a blog post. Are there any ways you can still repurpose your content using transcription? Yes, there is! Another way to repurpose your content using transcription is to use it on your social media.

For Facebook and Instagram posts, you can copy parts of your transcribed content and use them as captions. This will serve as a snippet or teaser of your content. In turn, this can give a mystery effect to your followers or random visitors making them feel intrigued by your profile. You can lure them to read, listen or watch your content completely through this method.

Turn Your Transcript into an E-course

Turning your transcript into an E-course is another way to repurpose content using the transcription. E-course is a great lead magnet to your content. With a proper modification of your transcribed contents, this can also be a paid course.

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Carefully pick the topics of your content that are similar to each other and have a high engagement with your audience. After that, arrange them in a comprehensible way. If needed, you can add transitional paragraphs from one lesson to another or you can just leave it as it is. Then, you can now choose which host you want to put your e-course in.

If you plan to make it a paid course, you have to put in a little more effort. The quality of your e-course should be exceptional since people will have to pay for it. You might want to go in-depth to every lesson in your e-course. It may require some of your time and effort but it will all be worth it once you finish it.


In a world of never-ending change, even our audience craves something new all the time. Using audio transcription software to repurpose your contents, you will be able to satisfy the need for something new for your audience. You can make better and various types of content from one of your existing content. It all boils down to your creativity and resourcefulness.

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