4 Questions to Ask a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer before Hiring Them in Hawaii

4 Questions to Ask a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer before Hiring Them in Hawaii

If you or a loved one has been injured after a pedestrian accident in Hawaii, you can be entitled to claim compensation for the losses and injuries.

If the pedestrian accident was caused by negligent actions or carelessness of a car driver, you need to seek help from one of the reliable pedestrian accident lawyers in Honolulu, Hawaii, to recover the compensation you deserve.

But like hiring any other attorney, you must look for the best Hawaiian pedestrian accident lawyer for your case. With the help of the following questions, you will be able to choose a good lawyer fitting the bill:

1. Are Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Different from Personal Injury Lawyers?

Pedestrian accident cases fall under personal injury. But this doesn’t mean that every personal injury lawyer can represent you in your pedestrian accident case.

You must work with an attorney who knows the intricacies of those kinds of cases. There are various situations to address, and insurance firms are involved.

Most personal injury lawyers in Hawaii are fully equipped to deal with these kinds of cases. But ensure they do have enough experience when it comes to pedestrian accidents.

2. Have You Handled Cases Same as Mine?

While all cases are not the same, experience dealing with cases similar to yours may enable a lawyer to predict all the potential challenges.

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For instance, if you have suffered a spinal cord injury, it can help a lot to hire a lawyer with experience in dealing with such matters. Plus, inquire about the attorney’s results on the same cases.

No attorney should guarantee you positive case results. But previous case outcomes may help to confirm that the attorney has what it takes to achieve verdicts and fair settlement.

3. What is Your Experience?

Obviously, you want to work with the most experienced and skilled lawyer you can find. You also want to deal with an attorney who can help avoid pitfalls, which may damage your pedestrian accident case.

The same way you need a doctor to have enough experience in conducting a particular type of surgery should be the same you want to work with an attorney who has more success. This is why as a client, you need to carefully ask about an attorney’s experience as well as track record.

4. When is the Exact Time Will My Case be Resolved?

Injured pedestrians want relief from their cases because they can’t deal with the formalities that come with them for a long time.

However, you may get the right answers from a pedestrian accident lawyer in Hawaii. You should know when the pedestrian accident case will be resolved completely.

In general, pedestrian accident cases can continue for months or a year. That is why you need to know whether you may fight for the pedestrian case for the expected period.

Final Remarks!

In light of this, ensure you ask whether your potential pedestrian accident attorney has malpractice insurance. You might want to avoid working with such an attorney if the response is no. But if it is yes, don’t take their word for it. Get a copy from them for assurance.

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