3 Ways to Block Your Phone from Being Tracked (2022)

In this highly digital and fast-moving world, humans are surrounded by incoming and outgoing digital data and traffic. Decades back, people used to gossip behind people’s backs to discuss their findings and satisfy their curiosity. However, no with the robust availability of the internet and digital media sources, one can sit back and keep tracking a person, their activities, preferences, and much more. You would be thinking, why so, and what have you done that you or your device is being targeted by data tracker or a marketing enthusiast? 

The answer to your suspicion and question is that your data and preferences are vulnerable to companies selling data, insights, and other information to multinational companies who run targeted marketing campaigns to develop customer-friendly and preferred content, appliance, or tangible things. With the growing awareness of being tracked or monitored on the internet via mobile, laptop, and tablet devices, people have started implementing privacy hacks to keep their content and material private. 

If you are an Apple product user, you might not have to worry about your data being tracked by any third-party application. However, you or your device might stand vulnerable after a cyber-attack or internet hack. While using any smartphone, you would never know why and how you are being tracked from your phone. Hence, it’s best to use all safety precautions in your best interests. Continue reading to find out the 3 ways to block your phone from being tracked in 2022. 

With the availability of the internet and cheap cellular data packages, it has been observed that many internet users leave themselves vulnerable to online hackers and data theft experts by clicking on unwanted links and other sources. It’s best to scroll through verified websites with SSL encryption that are 100% genuine. With a VPN Chrome Extension, you can sit back and enjoy seamless and secured browsing on almost every platform around the globe. With Google Chrome being the user’s most trusted and reliable browser, it also needs some overlayed protection in the form of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

If you are an avid internet user who loves to stream and play games online, you need to start focusing on your browsing history. At times, you are being tracked through your browsing history. Many hackers and data stealers are seen monitoring users’ internet history and other activities online. If you are using Chrome or Safari on your mobile device, it’s best to keep refreshing the browser, closing unwanted tabs, and clearing the browser history very frequently. You may be curious; how can your browsing history create problems for you in the near future? So, the answer is that the potential hacker can send you links to phishing pages that will almost be similar to the web addresses you search regularly. Hence, keeping yourself secure from any scam that will likely compromise your device’s security, denting your personal and professional space is best. 

  • Restrict Your Device’s Location Services 

While setting up your device or installing a new application, you shouldn’t lose your cool, as that’s the time when you are likely to give your device’s excess to the potential hacker or the data scrapper who will be aiming to intervene and plant a bug in your device’s firmware. With multiple VPN Chrome Extensions, you can scan a file or the application while downloading it via Chrome, WhatsApp, or any other platform. Talking about restricting location services, it’s essential because your location is vulnerable to almost everybody out there who’s not related to you. Be it Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, or any other device on your list; it uses your device’s live location. Though with rising concerns for cyber security and other parameters, tech companies and application developers have revamped their approach and overall application design. 

Apart from all the modifications and safekeeping, it’s the user’s responsibility to restrict the device’s location services. While using any application, only allow your device to monitor your location when required; otherwise, keep your location services off. Moreover, you can restrict applications by selecting them individually in the setting menu, which might seem tiring, but it needs to be done frequently. 

  • Refrain from Downloading Anything Suspicious 

With lightning fast speeds online, an immeasurable amount of data is downloaded and shared daily via sharing applications. As a user, it’s your responsibility to keep your device safe and protected from uncertain applications and third-party links. If you have received a URL or website’s link on your email or WhatsApp, don’t download it unless you are sure about the content and the sender. 

Secondly, if you have received the link on Facebook Messenger or any third-party application, consider opening the link after enabling the Ivacy VPN Chrome Extension on your device. It’s best to verify or open the link on a secured, concealed connection that filters the content on both ends. 

Final Word! 

In this digitally centered world, everyone must take responsibility for keeping themselves safe online. Moreover, it’s time to understand that we live in a digital world where data is the prime target. With the actions discussed above, one can protect its device from being tracked and monitored by data theft companies and potential hackers. 

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