3 Things to Take Care While Designing Business Card

Everyone knows the importance of carrying or designing a business card by now. However, if you are living in a bubble and do not understand its need, here are some reasons why you should have a business card:

  • It helps in branding as it has the business’s logo, tagline, and color theme, making the brand recognizable.
  • It is a tool that can impress people due to its multi-functionality, as many businesses are coming up with cards with a dual purpose.
  • A business card is a networking tool and a critical part of many cultures.

We understand the importance of carrying a business card. But designing is also an integral part. You cannot have a simple card with your contact details. It might do the trick, yet it is not memorable and may find its way to the bottom of a trash can. Thus, it is essential to create a card that stands apart. 

Clutter-free cards are the best

Simplicity is admirable, and following this for your business card is the best thing you can do. If you clutter your card with tons of information and multiple designs, it will not work. It is not impressive, and no one will look twice at a card overflowing with design and details. So, keep both to the minimum. Pick an elegant but simple design, and stick to the basics and a few other essential things for your business card.

  • Choose the correct medium or material

When designing a business card, choosing the correct medium or material is of utmost importance. For instance, you can go with a digital medium, like a virtual business card. However, if you are choosing paper, finding the correct material is essential. For example, you cannot go with cheap or flimsy paper that bends or tears easily. Instead, choose:

Quality paper: Sturdy paper which is firm to hold and retains its shape is perfect for a business card.

Recycled paper: You can also go for recycled paper, it is the greener option, which saves the planet, and also customers/clients will be impressed with your eco-friendly approach.

Metal card: Metal business cards are unique and customised according to the business. For instance, a handyman can use metal materials like copper or brass to create a card with tiny tools, which makes it a dual purpose. They are expensive, but if you design them nicely, you can have a card that lasts for a long.

Food card: If you are in the food business, think about creating a business card on a piece of chocolate or something print-friendly. It is catchy, and people will remember your business’s quality as they can eat the thing. Then, share a digital business card with the food card to retain the information on their devices.


Colors are essential to a business card. It can make or break your card, and you should always think long and hard about it before choosing a color to use. For instance, always using colors that represent your business theme is one way to go, as a business card represents your brand.

Another thing to remember is to use complementary colors because they work well with most business cards. Brainstorm with the designer till you achieve the perfect look.

  • Choose the right imprinting method

The imprinting method you choose will affect how the card will look and is undoubtedly another aspect to make the card unique. You don’t have many options when you go with food or metal as the base of a business card. There are multiple imprinting methods for paper business cards, and you have to choose the right one. These include:

PMS printing: Pantone matching system has pre-mixed colors, so they are best when you have to match the colors of the card with a logo or brand theme.

Four-color printing: CMYK is another name for this method, and it gives you multiple options of colors and not just standard hues.

Embossing/Debossing: The design is raised or recessed into the card. It is experimental and memorable. However, you need to use other combinations for a perfect card. 

With these unique tips, your business card will surely stand out. But, do not take it for granted, as this small card is worth a lot when marketing your brand.

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