2022 Guide To Finding The Best Eyewear For Your Face Shape

Whether you are looking at a casual or a formal social interaction, studies have shown that the first impression most people have about you is the way you look. Your sense of style plays a key role in the way you present yourself to the world and how it perceives you in return. However, always having the perfect outfit is not only tiring but also not a viable option.

Accessorization is a simple solution to this problem. Simple accessories like statement jewelry items, eyewear, and watches can elevate any look. Out of these, eyewear is the easiest accessory to add to any outfit. That being said, here are some tips you must consider to find the stylish eyeglasses for yourself.

Is eyewear a good fashion accessory?

To answer the question above in simple terms, yes, eyewear is a fantastic accessory. It is simple, easy to use, easy to find, and can truly change the way your outfit comes together drastically. In many cases, it is the only thing keeping a sense of consistency throughout an outfit.

Even those that have never been prescribed eyewear can rock eyewear if they want to. It is not a hassle to deal with, but the endless choices of design and styles make it so that anyone can get an eyewear item as their perfect accessory. 

Things to consider before purchasing eyewear

With endless choice also comes the price of too many options. If you want to buy the right eyewear for yourself, you must at least have a slightly vague picture in your mind about what you want to buy. Here are some important things you can consider to find the eyewear that suits you the best:

  • Design details of the eyewear: One thing that almost all fashion experts agree on is that silhouette and lines are extremely important to enhance the look of any outfit you are wearing. The same applies to accessories as well. If you pick glasses that are too bulky and droopy, they will make your face look droopy as well. As a general rule, you should always pick glasses that are structured in a manner that has an uplifting shape. Moreover, it is also advised by fashion experts that you avoid buying glasses that have thick lenses, also known as Coca-Cola glasses, to avoid unnecessary bulkiness.
  • Color of the frame: Not only is the design of the frame important, but the color is important as well. You can pair a translucent lens with a neutral-toned frame to achieve a sleek look, or you can instead pair it with a vibrantly colored frame for a more bold and eye-catching look. Just make sure the color you pick suits your skin tone and the occasion you plan on wearing the eyewear well.
  • The shape of the eyewear: However, the most important determiner of how any eyewear will look on you ultimately is the shape of the eyewear because different eyewear shapes may or may not complement the various face shapes. Although, everyone can find eyewear shapes that suit them well.

Contemporary rectangular glasses

If you are looking to buy simple, sleek, and modern eyewear options, you may want to purchase contemporary rectangular glasses. These glasses look especially well on round and oval faces by bringing the structure and silhouette required to perfectly balance the look.

Chunky geometric aviator glasses

If bolder and bigger is more your style, you may want to purchase chunky geometric aviator glasses. These glasses are big but do not look bulky on your face. You can also buy them in a colored frame to add an extra level of vibrance to them. These glasses work well on round faces, as well as they bring in the needed structure to balance out the round face shape.

Flattering cat-eye glasses

For a more fun and flirty look, you may want to consider cat-eye-shaped eyewear. These glasses are a timeless classic, particularly on women. They are the perfect fit for a rectangular or a diamond-shaped face by bringing attention to the center of the face to balance out the shape of the face.

In short, eyewear can be a fantastic accessory to add to your daily outfits. If you know where to begin, it can be really easy to purchase the eyewear that suits your needs the best from any local or online store easily. Wear everything with confidence, and you can wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in.

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