2022 CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Dumps

Every day, networking, software, and infrastructure become more intertwined. Organizations may utilize technology to expand and protect their networking infrastructure using intent-based networking, which delivers exciting new experiences. Your options to help achieve that potential is limitless with the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification.

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification is a certification for network specialists. You must pass two examinations to earn this expert-level certification: the CCIE Enterprise Network actual written exam and the hands-on lab exam. The eight-hour CCIE enterprise infrastructure practice test demands candidates to plan, develop, deploy, operate, and optimize dual-stack solutions (IPv4 and IPv6) for complicated enterprise networks.

Exam Description for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure LAB

The 8-hour practical test will evaluate candidates’ abilities to design, build, operate, and optimize complex network situations over the whole network lifetime.

  • 1st Module: Design (3 hours)

This module aims to assess your ability to build, evaluate, validate, and optimize network architectures, which are the foundation for all deployment activities.

  • Module 2: Optimize, Deploy, and operate (5 hours)

This module will enable candidates to deploy, operate, and optimize network technological solutions.

  1. Deployment: Candidates will construct the network by the design specifications, client requirements, and constraints. According to Exam Topics, all procedures necessary for a successful network deployment will be covered, involving configuring, integrating, and debugging the licensing of technologies and solutions.
  2. Candidates will use networking technologies and solutions to operate and optimize them. This includes monitoring network health and performance, as well as configuring the network to improve the service quality, decrease disruptions, mitigate outages, lower production costs, and keep high availability, durability, and security, as well as diagnosing potential issues and adjusting configurations to align with changing business objectives and technical requirements. 

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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Certified Exam Major Topics

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Software-Defined Infrastructure
  • Transport Techniques and Solutions
  • Service and Infrastructure Security
  • Automation and Programmability of Infrastructure

This is a study plan for the CCIE EI LAB.

You may take the exam for the following 1.5 months if you can devote 2-4 hours every day to lab practice. They provide 3-month service time, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practise.

Rack Service: They provide a practice rack with IOS, init settings, and other features.

Instruction Video, Workbook, Solutions, and Study Plan are the study materials.

Materials will be delivered in stages:

Stage 1: Section 1 & 2;

Stage 2: Section 2;

Stage 3: Section 4 & 5;

What will you study in this class?

  1. Set up, maintain, and repair an enterprise wired connection.
  2. Advanced infrastructure and routing technologies.
  3. Develop, deploy, install, and manage software.
  4. Data centre and branch routing protocol configuration best practises
  5. Incorporate security principles into your company’s network.
  6. Use solutions to overlay network design.
  7. Creating efficient and flexible networks using programming principles, telemetry, orchestration, and automation tools.

How will you benefit?

Candidates who complete this course will also have the knowledge and skills to:

– Develop, evaluate, validate, and optimize network architectures as the foundation for all deployment efforts.

– Gain a thorough understanding of the capabilities of various technologies, systems, and services.

– Convert customer needs into viable solutions.

– Determine whether or not recommended solutions will be supported.

– Implementing, maintaining, and improving network technological solutions.

– In the fast-paced world of enterprise networks, a CCIE can help you establish yourself as a technical leader.

– You may combine technical expertise with design skills with the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification, which can significantly enhance your skillset.

– The CCIE certification improves your skills across the enterprise infrastructure lifecycle, from design to deployment to operation and optimization.

– The CCIE certification includes new-age technology necessities such as networking mechanization and network programmability. These critical skillsets are acquired through CCIE certification.

– The CCIE certification revamps incremental recognition feature is appealing.

– Both the qualifying exam and the CCIE lab must be passed. Specialist certification is awarded after passing the qualifying exam. You’ll receive a CCIE certification and specialist certification after passing the qualification exam and lab exam.

– Putting a CCIE certification emblem on your social media networks gives you immediate recognition and raises your profile visibility.


Never stop learning. In the industry, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is certified. Engineers are in high demand. These courses and certifications will help you establish your credibility as an experienced professional and improve your job prospects.

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