12 Cool Instagram Story Ideas That Your Followers Will Love

12 Cool Instagram Story Ideas That Your Followers Will Love

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than one billion monthly users

In 2016, the app launched “Stories” to compete with Snapchat. Since then, stories have taken off and become one of the biggest features of Instagram.

There are so many benefits of Instagram stories for your business to grow and find more follows. So, come and check out some cool Instagram story ideas you can start using right now!

12 Cool Instagram Story Ideas That Your Followers Will Love

  1. Promote Something

Instead of filling up your feed with promotions, you can put them on your stories. For example, you can promote a new post, podcast episode, or a product launch coming up. The options are endless!

  1. Share Other’s People Posts

Instagram makes it easy to share other’s posts right to your story. You can share anything! You can also add your own notes or stickers to the post. Share DMs you’ve received or pages you like too.

Sharing posts gives you unlimited Instagram story ideas. 

  1. Ask or Answer Questions

In your stories, you can pose a question to all of your followers. You can also create a space for followers to ask you questions too! It’s a great way to connect with your audience. In addition, you can conduct a poll for everyone.

  1. Go Live

Users make some of the best Instagram story content by going live. Let your followers into your unfiltered, everyday life. Or go live with others to answer questions. There are many Instagram story templates available for live stories. 

  1. Give an Update
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For special announcements or a follow-up on a previous post, speak about the update right to your audience. Often, the good news isn’t scheduled, so sharing it with your audience doesn’t have to be either.

  1. Countdown to an Event

If you’re anticipating a big event coming up, there is no better to remind your audience of it than using the countdown feature! It gets everyone excited for what’s to come and reminds them to stay tuned.

  1. Give a Shout Out

You can highlight members of your team, other businesses, or followers to the rest of your audience. Unboxing is a great way to showcase your collaborators. 

  1. Share Reviews

When you’re selling products, post great reviews on your stories for other customers to see. It lets your audience get instant feedback without needing to go to your website. This saves time and helps them make purchases within the Instagram app. 

  1. Tell People to Message You

Encourage your followers to send you a message. You can respond to followers individually, share answers on stories and find future collaborators. Followers love this type of engagement.

  1. Turn on Your Location

When you post a story, make sure to tag the location! Not only does the location add to your cool Instagram story ideas, but it also drives users to your page.

  1. Get Creative

If you ever feel like you’re not sure what to post, consider using an Instagram story template. There are many awesome templates out there to spark more ideas! 

Try Out These Cool Instagram Story Ideas Today

There are so many cool Instagram story ideas for you to try. Don’t hesitate to learn how to make Instagram stories. This way, you can connect and share more content with your audience!

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