10 Things to Consider Before Buying Bunk Beds

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Bunk Beds

The bunk beds are designed to provide sleeping beds to multiple people. The primary job of a bunk bed is to save space and that is the main reason for the popularity of bunk beds across the world. The bunk beds are made by a variety of brands and all of them claim to produce best bunk beds for kids and adults. Not all of them are actually good or in other words, not all bunk beds can meet your needs.

Most families buy bunk beds for their kids and their guests but the buying task is complicated for first time buyers. Whether you want a bunk bed for your kids or yourself, the safety will be the first priority. Depending upon the number of sleepers, you can choose the twin over twin bunk bed, twin over full bunk bed or full over full bunk bed for your purchase.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bunk Beds

Buying a new bunk bed becomes very simple when you know your needs. So, we recommend you to check your needs and note it down on a paper. Thereafter you should consider the key points at the time of buying best bunk beds for your family. When we bought our first bunk bed, we had no idea about the brands, material, weight limit and other functions. So, we took some tips from experts that helped us to choose the best bunk beds of all time. Here we will share those expert tips to help you for your purchase of bunk beds.

  1. Measure Your Room
  2. Consider Your Needs
  3. Your Kids’ Age
  4. Type of Bunk Beds
  5. Bunk Bed Features
  6. Bed Size and Height
  7. Wood or Metal
  8. Weight Limit
  9. Ladder or Stairs
  10. Safety Rails (Guardrails)

Now, we will explain all 10 points that you should consider before buying bunk beds to make sure you are choosing a right bunk bed.

#1. Measure Your Room:

When you think about buying a new bunk bed, the first thing you should do is to measure your room. It means you need to check how much space you have for the bunk bed you are willing to purchase. Only then you can find the best bunk beds that fit perfectly in your room (i.e. your bedroom or kids’ room or guest room). Also check your bunk bed dimensions before buying it. The bunk beds experts recommend you to check the ceiling height of the room. Because this detail will help you select a bunk bed with perfect height to fit in your room.

#2. Consider Your Needs:

Considering your needs for the bunk beds brings more clarity in your purchase. If you want it for your kids’ playing then you should choose the best bunk beds with slide otherwise get a simple twin over twin or twin over full bunk bed for kids.

#3. Your Kids’ Age:

The kids under 6 years are NOT allowed to sleep on top bunk of a bunk bed. If your kids’ age is below 6 years then you can let them sleep in bottom bunk and it is better if you provide constant supervision.

#4. Type of Bunk Beds

You can choose twin over twin, twin over full, full over full, twin/full over desk/futon or twin over loft bunk bed from the market. You should select the best bunk beds that fulfill your needs.

#5. Bunk Bed Features:

Some bunk beds come with a trundle bed, while others come with a desk or multiple storage compartments. The storage shelves allow easy storage of books, alarm, in-home shoes and other stuff. Some bunk beds come with a slide to allow your kids play during the day time and you can remove the slide when your kids are sleeping at night.

#6. Bed Size and Height

Every bunk bed comes with a different size (length, width and height) than the other. Therefore it is important to check the size dimensions carefully before you decide to buy the bunk bed. When you check the bunk bed height, you should keep your room ceiling height in mind. Make sure there will be at least 4-5 feet free space after setting up the bunk bed in your desired room.

#7. Wood or Metal:

The primary material of the best bunk beds of 2021 is either wood or metal. Both the wood bunk beds and metal bunk beds are high quality, sturdy, kids-safe and durable. You should note than the solid pine wood bunk beds are heavier, while the metal bunk beds can withstand more wear & tear. You can choose a wood or metal bunk bed based on your personal preferences.

#8. Weight Limit

You must check the maximum weight limit of each bunk of the bunk bed you select for your kids. The top bunk often have lower weight capacity than the lower bunk, but the best heavy duty bunk beds offer equal weight limit on top bunk and lower/bottom bunk. You should choose the bunk beds that offer higher weight limit than your kids’ weight, it will be safe for the kids.

#9. Ladder or Stairs

Some bunk beds come with a ladder, some come with two ladders, while others are equipped with stairs/staircase. The ladder takes up less space and angled ladders provide easy & safe climbing. You can select the bunk bed with stairs or ladder based on your choice as both of them are good options.

#10. Safety Rails (Guardrails)

When your child is sleeping in the top bunk, you don’t want him/her to fall off during the night. That’s why, most bunk beds provide sturdy wood/metal guardrails around the top bunk to prevent sleepers from falling off. You must check if the bunk bed has guardrails before buying it for your family.

Other Considerations:

You should also consider the price of bunk beds but you must NOT compromise with safety features to save money as it can be dangerous for your kids.

Final Words:

We hope that you have got answers for all your queries and now, you are ready for buying the best bunk bed for your kids and guests.

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