10 Important B2B Content Marketing Statistics to Improve This 2021

Creating B2B content for your brand requires an in-depth understanding of the market. It involves demographic analysis and customer engagement, which in turn bolsters sales, boosts publicity, and increases interaction.
Simply writing an article and posting it on the Internet won’t be effective enough to expand your reach. So, before pumping out pages of content, learn some vital B2B content marketing statistics that can help you along the way.

The 10 Content Marketing Statistics 

B2B content creation is all about mastering the balance between which platforms to use and what kind of content best appeals to their audience. With that in mind, here are the top statistics that will guide you:

  • Content Marketing as Major Key Player

Inbound marketing works best when the people and material involved connect to customers on a more personal level. Selling your products is not just a simple transaction and statement of facts.
It’s a mix of calculated conversations and calibrated compromise that is pulled from existing data. According to experts, content marketing is 3 times more efficient in increasing customer leads than outbound marketing.

With 91% of B2B marketers investing in content creation and 60% using content marketing strategies, as a competitor, it can be difficult to get ahead of them. So, why not join the trend and beat them at their game?
However, to set yourself apart from the rest, remember that 63% of businesses have undocumented content strategies. This means that you still have an edge, by hiring companies offering B2B SEO services

  • Customers and Content Relation

More than half of the businesses worldwide are intent on pouring their money into content creation. Using such a strategy allows a stronger bond of loyalty among consumers and the brand.

To tailor your techniques, make sure that you have a designated department to focus on the task as 73% of successful businesses do. With 74% of entrepreneurs increasing customer engagement through content creation, it’s about time you invest in it too.

  • Online Content Creation Is Not Easy
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Writers’ block or burnouts are real in the content creation industry. About 60% of web creators find challenges and difficulties in producing consistently outstanding outputs. Engaging content is even harder; 65% of writers struggle to reach and engage with their customers. 

However, you can overcome this hurdle by collecting as much information as you can. About 27% of creators blame the lack of data, and 28% say poor strategies got the best of them. By knowing the pulse of the public and the constant algorithm changes, you too can beat the system and create content faster. 

  • Customers Prefer Quick Visits

If you own a Rolex store in Toronto that is trying to appeal to the general public, posting about production jargon and technical terms on your online content is not going to pull people in. About 73% of the public admit to only skimming or swiftly flipping through such online posts. 

With people using search engines as their number one go-to, your blogs should be as precise and comprehensive as possible. Almost half of the global market values and sets aside content creation. You should do too if you want to make your brand and company more relatable. 

  • Keep Content Short and Sweet

Readability and content engagement has a word limit. Data suggests that the best word count for any article is 5,700 words or less. Using pictures and media materials is also a popular technique to present info, with 40% of content creators using stock images for their projects.
However, no matter how short and simple you make your content, you must put as much effort and time into it, like the 38% of top-performing bloggers who spend about 6 hours on every content. 

  • Online Content is All About Quality
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Posting more blogs in a day doesn’t equate to increased sales. If you are putting out a lot of low-quality content, chances are it’s just going to be buried under the pile of billions of online data. That’s why 70% of B2B content creators prioritize quality above all. 

They do that through interactive articles, like how 36% of successful content are tutorials and how-tos. So, if you’re thinking about bailing on online content, remember that 72% of lucrative entrepreneurs believe in its supremacy. 

  • Video Material Works Better

Selling family portrait photography packages doesn’t mean that your content should be limited to pictures only. About 92% of businesses utilize engaging media tools like videos and films to pull in more customers. 

With 43% of consumers admitting to the recall effectiveness of such materials and 80% staying longer on the sites with videos, then there’s no harm in trying it. However, do not forget about quality, because 43% of netizens say they decide the viewability of a video in the first 125 seconds, so make them count. 

  • Venture Out on YouTube

About 2 billion users are on YouTube every month. Ranking second next to Google, it has become one of the prime spots for content creation and advertising. So, why not jump on the trend and test the waters? With 33% of the adult and teen population on it, YouTube content opens your business to the world. 

  • Podcast Content Extends Reach

Auditory content through podcasts and interviews is just as effective and crucial as video materials. The latest data shows that 73 million people listen to it every month and most of these people are from ages 35 to 54. So, if you’re trying to reach that demographic, then it’s the perfect platform for you. 

  • Social Media Unlocks Possibilities
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Social media has launched thousands of prosperous businesses. With 5 billion people integrating it into their everyday lives, the world is within your reach. About 81% of teenagers regard it as a positive reinforcement when making market decisions. With almost half (49%) of the public depending on online reviews and business sites, it’s an open opportunity for you.

Anyone can write anything that they want. However, it takes special skills to persuade someone to read and be interested in it. To fully maximize your content potential, it has to motivate, enlighten, and engross your audience into your brand. You can’t do that without knowing your targeted customers and the trends in the market. 

So, the next time you’re thinking about publishing your online content, study and do some research first. Go back to the planning board and make some content changes according to the recent data. 

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