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10 Habits That Can Cause You To Age Faster

Statistics indicate that merely 3% of Americans are leading healthy lifestyles. Most people have adopted unhealthy habits that cause them to suffer from different ailments and problems. These conditions include the issue of “aging,” which has become a significant concern for modern-day humans. Of course, aging is inevitable, but there is a difference between healthily aging and contracting the problems of older age before you even hit it. 

So in this article, we’re discussing aging-related habits you can now abandon to feel healthier. Adopt these habits in your twenties/thirties to observe long-term effects.

Eating “junk food” satisfies your tastebuds but destroys your digestive well-being. Instead, people should consume healthy meals such as fruits, veggies, and whole-grain foods. Eat baked things since they’re healthier, and add moderate protein and fiber to your diet plan. However, remember that a person can have different dietary requirements based on that person’s activities. Avoid overeating and never skip a healthy breakfast.

  • Drinking alcohol

Consuming alcohol makes you unhealthy and leads to premature aging among adults. So, it would help if you drank responsibly while avoiding unhealthy alcohol-related behaviors. If you find it hard to lessen your drinking, you might have a problem and need withdrawal support from a well-reputed rehab center. They can help you overcome all withdrawal symptoms while accelerating the healing process. These treatment facilities treat addictive behaviors to help patients regain their health and maintain long-term sobriety.

  • Consuming sugar

Everybody likes some sugar, but too much glucose isn’t healthy for adults and children alike. Sugar is a major reason behind premature aging because most people don’t even realize how consuming too much sugar makes them look older. A 2013 study shows that high-serum glucose levels can make an individual appear elderly. Experts call this process “glycation,” in which sugar becomes certain free radicals that damage your skin cells. So, consume sugar moderately to save your skin cells.

  • Sleep deprivation

Adults need to rest 7-8 hours daily because their skin cells are rejuvenated while sleeping. A sleep-deprived person can age faster than a well-rested individual. Several studies have observed an undeniable link between faster aging and sleep deprivation. Sleeping every night is important for accelerating your body’s self-healing process. Make your bedroom cool, dark, and comfy. It should be quiet enough not to interfere with your sleep. Avoid using your phone before sleeping.

  • Sleeping positions

Your sleeping position can influence the aging process. Pressing your face against a surface can lead to facial distortions. If you’re sleeping on your side, you may induce these distortions that make your face look older. A bad sleeping position causes sleep wrinkles on your face, caused by facial lines forming because of compression. Instead, people should prefer sleeping on their backs to get well-rested without harming the delicate skin on their faces. 

  • Sitting excessively

In 2019 – statistics indicate – average Americans were spending 6+ hours just sitting there. Adopting a sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy for anyone and promotes faster aging among adults. If you cannot avoid sitting too much, take breaks more often. For instance, you can spend 10-15 minutes walking around after constantly sitting for an hour. Also, try taking a walk every day to make your legs used to exercise and avoid laziness.

  • Constant stress

Stress affects your skin by releasing cortisol. Cortisol causes the breakdown of collagen, due to which you may look older. We suggest you practice stress-reducing exercises such as yoga, reiki, and mindfulness. These exercises can prevent stress by releasing pleasure-inducing hormones. These “good hormones” can prevent collagen breakdown while keeping you happy. In addition, engage in your favorite pastimes, meditate to bolster your mental well-being, and avoid smoking/drinking.

  • Forgetting sunglasses

Sunglasses shield your eyes from UV rays, thereby protecting the delicate skin around the eyes. Remember that the harmful rays emitted by the sun can harm your cornea. So while it looks cool to wear glasses, it is also good for your eyes. Also, it doesn’t mean you should only wear sunglasses during summer. Slip them on in the winter season as well. Give your eyes the coverage and protection they require. Protecting this delicate part of your body from harmful radiation is important.

  • Neglecting skincare

Do you put sunscreen on regularly? Research shows that UV rays cause 80% of visible aging signs. Applying sunscreen protects your skin from these harmful radiations, slowing the visible signs of aging on your skin. Another study claims that 20% of solar rays can be blocked simply via sunscreen. Then you have several lotions that prevent burning and protect your skin cells. Skincare should be the pinnacle of your anti-aging habits for the skin. Protect your skin by using the correct kind of sunscreen.

  • Using gadgets

Unsurprisingly, we have become addicted to electronic gadgets in the 21st century. These gadgets have become vital parts of the modern-day human lifestyle. But sadly, your skin cells are damaged by the blue light emitted by these gadgets. Studies have shown that this blue light penetrates deeper into our skin than UV rays. Spending eight hours in front of a computer for four days can expose you to as much energy as received by standing in the sun for 20 minutes.

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We have established that certain habits make people age faster and look older even at a young age. You can now slow down the aging process and appear younger by adopting healthy practices. So, change the way you sleep. Don’t sacrifice a good night’s rest to play with your phone. Concentrate on skincare since applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses can protect your skin from wrinkles. Consume sugar as moderately as possible, and avoid sucking your drinks with straws. Perform stress-reducing exercises to stay happy, and don’t use dry soap to clean yourself. Give up smoking/drinking and join rehab centers to abandon these unhealthy cravings. Eat/drink healthy stuff and exercise regularly to feel and look younger.

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