10 Easy Steps to Set Up a VoIP Phone System  

10 Easy Steps to Set Up a VoIP Phone System  

The future of telephony is without a doubt voice over the internet protocol (VoIP). So, if you are looking to update your telephones, here is how to set up your VoIP phone system in 10 easy steps. 

  • Test your internet 

VoIP is hosted in the cloud – that is, it runs over the internet rather than physical phone cables. This is one of the many reasons why you should be migrating to VoIP, as these physical cables are becoming outdated and obsolete. 

Due to this, your first step should always be to test your internet network connection. The stronger it is, the more stable your VoIP system will be. If it is very slow, you might consider upgrading to a better network. 

  • Understand your team’s needs 

Are all your employees in-office, or are your workforce all remote? Or, do you operate a hybrid office model? 

Overall, you need to fully understand the logistics of what your team needs from a VoIP system. This will allow you to figure out how many handsets you might need in the office, and how many of your employees will use their personal smartphones or laptops. 

  • Do your research 

This goes for every investment – never make any decisions without doing your research first. Look into all the options available to you so you can ensure you make an informed decision, rather than a costly mistake. 

  • Invest in the right software 

The software will be the thing that makes your VoIP system work. Providers will give you access to downloadable software or an online portal, giving you access to your new phone system instantly. 

  • Invest in the right hardware 
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VoIP works over almost every device – desktop PCs, laptops, tablet computers, smartphones, and VoIP enabled landlines. It may be that your VoIP can effectively run through hardware that you already have. 

However, with some older technologies or traditional landline handsets, you may find that it is time for an overdue upgrade. You might also like to invest in some new hardware such as a headset to complete your phone system. 

  • Install your VoIP system 

The specific instructions as to how to install your VoIP system depends on the provider and hardware that you decide to go with. However, no matter what you go for, it is much easier than a traditional phone system, and, in some cases, instant. 

  • Configure your phone system 

Consider how customers will get in touch with you. You may like one main number with various department extension numbers, or a separate number for each department. Remember to set up as many users as there are customer service representatives – no more, no less. 

  • Test it 

Now that your system is set up, make sure you test it before rolling it out for customers to use. 

  • Train your staff thoroughly 

Make sure that you train your staff properly in how to use the new phone system – don’t just throw them in at the deep end! In addition to ensuring everyone knows how to operate the new technology, regular training sessions have a wide range of other benefits for your business. 

  • Monitor regularly 

Monitor the calls that come through your system with custom analytics. This can give you valuable insights as to the call volume, customer satisfaction, and the effectiveness of your agents to improve your strategy in the future. 

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